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    Smile BOOKS by "Icke,Richard"you've read right...oh hopefully so!?

    BOOKS by "Icke,Richard"you've read right...oh hopefully so!?



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    WOW...hum what a "compelling/interesting READ!?!?"...

    Quote Originally Posted by Blazeboy3
    Chapter LXXIX
    A wicked plan is carriehttp: Hidden Mysteries Books
    The First Book of Adam and Eve Part 10

    Cain is frightened. "Am I my brother's keeper?" The seven punishments. Peace is shattered.
    1 And so they went on, until they came to a lonely place, where there were no sheep; then Abel said to Cain, "Behold, my brother, we are tired from walking; for we see none of the trees, nor of the fruits, nor of the flourishing green plants, nor of the sheep, nor any one of the things of which you told me. Where are those sheep of thine you told me to bless?"

    2 Then Cain said to him, "Come on, and you shall see many beautiful things very soon, but go before me, until I catch up to you."

    3 Then went Abel forward, but Cain remained behind him.

    4 And Abel was walking in his innocence, without guile; not believing his brother would kill him.

    5 Then Cain, when he came up to him, comforted him with his talk, walking a little behind him; then he ran up to him and beat him with the staff, blow after blow, until he was stunned.

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