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    half polar bear - half grizzly

    DNA Tests Confirm Bear Was a Hybrid


    IQALUIT, Nunavut (AP) -

    Northern hunters, scientists and people with vivid imaginations have discussed the possibility for years.

    But Roger Kuptana, an Inuvialuit guide from Sachs Harbour, North West Territories, was the first to suspect it had actually happened when he proposed that a strange-looking bear shot last month by an American sports hunter might be half polar bear, half grizzly.


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    Here's a link to an article with a picture of the bear. Would be nice to have been able to see it alive to get a better idea of how different it looked.

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    and shot by a "sport hunter." How pathetic.

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    You know that "cave men" type of throw back to civilization, kind of sports hunter who needs his "testerone" fix, kind of "jerk" who shoots bears and other animals for "his sport" not theirs........

    The type that has to be like a "real man" and shoot animals, and then justify and excuses his "conduct" with " I was just sports hunting".

    I would love to see the tables turned, then the sports hunter is the one running for his life.........

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