Another thought:

I find it odd he went to a motel in Grays Harbor City Wa, as it is a town you could pass by and hardly know it was there. Their promo describes it as the perfect getaway. Hey, I can't even find a motel located there on the internet!

I realize a place like this is a great spot to commit suicide, but what I am getting at is you would have to be somewhat local to even know it was there. It took quite a bit of Googling to locate it due to it being tiny and located in
Gray's Harbor County, of the same name.

It lies just west about 1 1/2 miles of Hoquim Wa which is adjacent to Aberdeen Wa, seperated by the Chehalis River I believe, and these two cities are quite major in the area and would call them conjoining. I've been there oodles of times when I lived in Olympia and traveled back and forth everyday in my job as a door to door saleslady.

So you are in Aberdeen, you drive across the river into Hoquim and go through town heading west and then find you are on the road that runs along the harbor, which is really like a huge bay that is 15 miles long by 11 miles wide. Drive 1 1/2 miles westerly and off to the right is an exit road to
Grays Harbor City.

I only write about this to give you a mindset of the location. I find it helps to have a mental picture of the area when discussing a crime.

Another thought comes to mind, that was the hotel he was found in really in this tiny burg of a town or maybe in either Hoquim or Aberdeen. Those two cities are full of cheap old hotels from the days past, and they still make the towns have a look of the real old days when they cut the railroad line in to haul out the timber. I could have called them seedy hotels, but that might give the wrong impression. LOL LOL

Also I have a hard time thinking of him as Mexican or Latino because he is way taller than the average guy with that heritage. Hispanic, samd thing.