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    OR - Holley Sweeney & Stephanie Quesnoy for attempted murder, Lakeview, 2005

    Oregon teen gets 12 years for poisoning milk

    Sunday, May 14, 2006; Posted: 8:03 a.m. EDT (12:03 GMT)
    LAKEVIEW, Oregon (AP) -- A 13-year-old girl convicted of attempting to kill two classmates by slipping rat poison into their milk was sentenced to up to 12 years in a juvenile detention center.

    Holley Sweeney was ordered Friday to remain at the Hillcrest Girls' School in Salem until she is 25 with early release possible if she responds to treatment, the judge ruled.

    Earlier this month, the judge found the Lakeview girl and her friend, Stephanie Quesnoy, 12, guilty of plotting and executing a plan to kill two classmates they disliked.


    Both girls testified that they wanted their victims dead.

    Schutt said a psychiatrist, who did not testify, determined Sweeney had trouble distinguishing right from wrong.

    More on link...


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    Something isn't ticking right inside the heads of these two girls. I hope they get extensive phyciatric treatment.

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    <sarcasm>Oh how nice...you put shaving cream in my hair at a slumber party so I'm going to put d-Con rat poison in your milk carton! Seems fair to me!!!</sarcasm>

    That's actually pretty sophiscated for girls to think up rat poison to dump in someone's milk...I wonder if they got some coaching from someone older or if they looked it up on the internet.

    I'm also confused as to how these girls saw the green pellets in their milk cartons. I know that milk these days comes in clear plastic bottles, so I can certainly imagine them seeing it in there, but in milk cartons you can't see through, I just don't know, unless they were looking into the bottom of the carton through the opening.

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