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    A baffled cabbie!

    This, i found hysterically funny. whoever their person is for prepping guests for the show really made a mess of things. i urge you to watch the video after reading the story and see how the poor guy sits there saying what a surprise it all was and he meant he was surprised he was being asked this question on national television!

    The BBC's latest star - a baffled cabbie

    Mr Kewney, an IT journalist and founder of newswireless.net, watched as the cabbie, who has not been named, gamely attempted to answer questions fired at him by BBC consumer affairs correspondent Karen Bowerman.
    The man, who had been waiting for his fare in the reception of Television Centre, found himself being ushered into a studio and fitted with a microphone after raising his hand when a producer called out the name Guy Kewney.


    see the video - he carries it off with aplomb, in my opinion and i also believe he gave an answer the real 'expert' couldn't have bettered!


    poor guy was just in reception to collect the person who had ordered the cab, then suddenly he is being beamed to millions!

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    I tip my hat to this guy - made the best of a bad situation.
    FUN... is a renewable resource!

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    That was hysterical. The wrong "GUY." LOL

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    BBC brings back wrong Guy to News 24

    "I was very shocked. I just thought, 'Keep going'," said Mr Goma, a university graduate from Congo. He said he was "still waiting for the result" of his interview to become an IT assistant.


    what a miserable question when they brought him back for a second interview:

    "Do you have an opinion on everything?" Mr Goma, understandably, was lost for words a second time.

    they were trying to make fun of him and why the devil shouldn't he have an opinion on everything? plenty do.

    it was the BBC's cock-up and they shouldn't have suggested -- by asking "s there anyone else you would like to impersonate?" -- he was at fault. all he did was his best in a very tricky situation!

    being there fo a job interview is not quite as outrageous that he may have been a cabbie -- but nearly! i hope he gets his IT job.

    he has such a lovely face, i think he would be suitable for television anyway. he's the RIGHT Guy, IMO!

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