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    OK - Jarret Clark, 18, Fort Gibson Lake, 13 May 2006

    Teen missing

    May 16, 2006

    OKAY — Wagoner County authorities intensified their search Monday for a Broken Arrow teenager after they found one of his tennis shoes caught in a fence in the Wahoo Bay area of Fort Gibson Lake.

    Investigators said rescue workers used a canine team to scour the area in the search for Jarret Clark, 18, as aircraft spotters searched for clues. Boats combed the shoreline of the park.

    Friends and family members suspect Clark is the victim of foul play. Authorities, however, aren’t prepared to go that far.

    “I am not ready to say that it’s (the case) suspicious at this point,” said Wagoner County Sheriff’s Investigator Bob Haley. “We’re just trying to locate him right now.”

    Clark’s maternal grandfather, Eugene Smithson of Keefeton, said his grandson and four or five of his friends were celebrating in the Wahoo Bay area after graduating last Thursday from Broken Arrow High School. Smithson said he was told a fight broke out among the classmates, and Clark never returned home.

    Tammy Slater, the teen’s mother, said Clark called home at about 8:45 p.m. Saturday to let her know he was going camping with some friends.

    “Jarret said he would be home at 10 (a.m.) the next morning for Mother’s Day,” Slater said. “When he didn’t show up by that afternoon, we contacted authorities and started looking for him.”

    He called his former girlfriend, Lindsey Allen, at about 1 a.m. Sunday and asked her to come to the lake. Allen said she learned Sunday afternoon that one of Clark’s classmates had been bragging to others Sunday that he had beaten up Clark and left him at the lake.

    “He (the classmate) said they left him face down in the dirt,” Allen said.


    Photo at link

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    How to help

    Jarret Clark is described as 5-foot-7, 165 pounds, muscular with short, brown hair and has a lion-head tattoo on his left shoulder.

    Anybody who has information about Clark’s whereabouts or the circumstances surrounding his disappearance is urged to call the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office at 485-3124.

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    Family Of Missing Broken Arrow Teen Fears The Worst

    Tuesday May 16, 2006


    "It's crazy isn't it," asks Eric Slater. "It's crazy."

    Eric and Tammy Slater are Jarret's parents. Their son has been missing since two o'clock Saturday morning.

    "He was going to go out and camp and he was supposed to be here at ten o'clock Sunday morning," Tammy Slater says.

    But, the camping trip with friends apparently turned ugly. Jarret supposedly flirted with another boy's girlfriend and was allegedly attacked. Tammy spoke with the alleged attacker by cell phone.

    "He said that my son was an idiot and it was all his fault, because 'he flirted with my girlfriend. I beat him up and I left him there'," Slater said.

    "I feel like there is something more I could have done," said Steven Thomas, who was supposed to go on the camping trip, but stayed at home. He says he also spoke with the boy who allegedly attacked Jarret.

    "And he told me that he beat Jarret up and left him out here."



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    so sad.
    Find Brian Shaffer!!

    Janet Christiansen, Kaiden, and Family, justice WILL prevail!


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    Is anyone else as disgusted by this as I am? A boy beat up another boy, left him face down in the dirt, the boy is now nowhere to be found and his attacker shows no remorse? To top it off, he acts likes a jerk when the missing boy's mother calls him. I can't believe the audacity of some people. This boy needs to be taught a big lesson.

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    Missing Broken Arrow man found deceased

    By Staff reports

    WAGONER -- The body of Jarret Clark, 18, who disappeared last weekend, was found near Lake Fort Gibson on Thursday.

    The young man's body was found by a state Wildlife Department worker who was involved in a search for the recent Broken Arrow High School graduate.

    "We've got some suspicious circumstances," said Wagoner County Undersheriff Mark Day.

    The body was found about 300 yards off Wahoo Bay, Day said.

    Clark's family has been notified, and his body has been taken to the medical examiner's office for an autopsy, Day said.

    Clark disappeared during a camping expedition with new acquaintances.


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    How sad. I think we all knew this was coming. This other boy appears to be in a lot of trouble. He is well deserving of it. My prayers go out to his family who at least now know for sure. Their hearts must just be breaking.

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    A few updates. The boy Brandon , who most think murdered Jarret was never brought to justice. He died in a car wreck two years after Jarret's murder. There are still others out there that either helped Brandon or didn't turn him in. Wagoner county
    is brutally dishonest.

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    A second woman has been charged with murder in a notorious Green Country cold case. Dayna Marie Hargrove Miller faces charges in the death of Jarret Clark...

    The case stayed cold for years, until earlier this year when Courtney Manzer was arrested and charged with murder. Investigators say Manzer was among the last to see Clark alive.

    Reports say Miller was arrested on complaints of conspiracy and first degree murder.

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    Wagoner County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a third person in connection with the 2006 death of Jarret Clark of Broken Arrow. He had just graduated from high school when someone beat him and left him to drown in Fort Gibson Lake.

    Anthony Scott Wallen, 30, was booked into the Wagoner County jail on a charge of first-degree murder Tuesday morning.

    "This is another step in the process of achieving justice for Jarret Clark," said Wagoner County District Attorney Brian Kuester.
    ETA - Affidavit of Probable Cause:

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    The prime suspect in the murder of Broken Arrow high school graduate Jarret Clark signed a plea agreement this afternoon...

    Wallen is accused of beating Clark unconscious after a fight at the campsite. Now, a decade later he's signed a plea deal, admitting to 'conspiracy to commit second degree murder'... Wallen will serve eight years in prison, and 12 years with supervision...

    As for the other two suspects, Hargrove and Manzer, the Wagoner County District Attorney expects them to plea to accessory to second degree murder.

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    Woman sentenced in Broken Arrow murder cold case of Jarret Clark


    Courtney Manzer, 27, admitted in court to lying through years of investigations by several agencies about the beating and drowning death of 18-year-old Jarret Clark in May of 2006.

    Monday, she pled guilty to accessory after the fact to first degree murder. A judge sentenced her to seven years in state custody, two in prison and five on parole.

    Manzer has already served time in jail, so the DA's office says she could soon be released.

    Tony Wallen is currently serving a 20-year sentence for conspiracy to commit second-degree murder in the Clark case. A fourth suspect, Brandon Hargrove, Manzer's boyfriend at the time, died in a car accident in 2008.
    A plea agreement with Dayna Hargrove Miller is still being worked out.

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    What a pathetic group. I'm almost glad that Brandon died in an accident - I hope there was enough time before he died for him to feel fear.
    Justice for Jennifer

    Rest in peace Danielle and Tammy

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    Swamp Murders recently aired an episode focusing on this case, called "What Happened in the Woods".

    Bradley was the main suspect in the case who died in a car accident in 2008 and therefore was never charged. The investigator said that Bradley ended up in a creek after the accident and couldn't keep his head out of the water which resulted in him drowning. He just notes the irony in that death as that is how they believe Jarret was killed.

    Dayna Miller ended up getting a two-year deferred sentence.