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Ray Gricar may also use the names Ray Lange or Ray Gray.

What do you all make of these names? Are they stage names Ray used when involved in community theater productions? Nom de plumes he used while writing some short stories? Something else less innocent?

And with the exception of women who have taken their husbands' names, how many people can say they "may also use the names . . ."?

I'm just fixated on this tonight. If it's old news, I apologize! I'm local to the Gricar case and have followed it with great interest (renewed interest with Bosak getting involved and the "elite"/CIA group's involvement).

I'm also in the process of entirely rethinking my stand on the case--which is to say before I had basically resolved that he'd met with foul play connected to his work. Now I'm having all sorts of doubts, or at the very least, rethinking to do.

This is turning out to be almost as perplexing as the Ramsey case. For Ray's family and friends, I would so much like to see answers.

Would like to hear your thoughts about these names!

hello louisa! this is the first i have heard of ray possibly using another name! but i have only followed the case here and while i try to read links to articles posted by the faithful in this case like lili and christine, i must confess that sometimes i am unable to. also missed the Dateline show due to a family "emergency", so others that read here may know about this.

i am like you, i have been all over the map on this case, but recently, with the eye-witness accounts some of us are just now hearing about, and the fact that LE seems to have done a half-investigation, and the fact that no body has turned up, i am back to believing that ray has gone off and started a new life.

sometimes people just snap.