New York City deejay by the name of Troi Torain has been fired by the Clear Channel Corporation after he threatened to molest the four-year-old daughter of a rival deejay.

O'REILLY: I'm sorry you have to go through this, Ms. Casey.

Mr. Liu, this guy stayed on the air. Again, Clear Channel, major corporation in this country. He stayed on the air until you blew the whistle on him. Tell me about that.

LIU: He stayed on the air. They let him continue to spew this violence and hate for many, many days until he was shut down. And we're happy that he's been fired, but more has to be done, because otherwise it will just go on with someone else.

This is a major corporation. They hired Troi Torain after he had been fired by the rival station for making totally inexcusable remarks over the airwaves.
Clear Channel went ahead and sought this person in an attempt to boost their own ratings and, therefore, boost their corporate profits. And that's a problem.

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