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    IL - Susan Konrath, 14, Matteson, 6 October 1974

    I found this:

    I thought it was interesting, especially since there are two other cases from this area and time frame that are unsolved. One is Nancy Marie O'Sullivan, who is listed on doenetwork. I would have posted a link, but the site seems to be down at the moment, and one girl who I posted about in another forum that I knew and was found dead, named Christine DeWitt.
    If this is the wrong place for this, please move.
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    I haven't heard of these murders before. Were they all in Illinois? I'll be curioius to see their page when doenetwork is back up. Did you say only one is mentioned at doenetwork? This might also be intersting in Cold Cases thread. So you are thinking they may be related? I'm sorry about your friend. So, two were murdered and one is still missing?thx for the info

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    Quote Originally Posted by laini
    I haven't heard of these murders before. Were they all in Illinois? I'll be curioius to see their page when doenetwork is back up. Did you say only one is mentioned at doenetwork? This might also be intersting in Cold Cases thread. So you are thinking they may be related? I'm sorry about your friend. So, two were murdered and one is still missing?thx for the info
    Two murdered, one missing, all 14 or 15 years old and all from the same general area.
    I think you're right, that this would be better in Cold Cases, but I'm new at this and had no idea where to put it. I should have thought it out better than I did.

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    This is just so sad. No one cared enough about this child to look for her murderer except the Sullivans who probably showed her the only love she ever knew.


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    Apparently no one ever thought to post any information about her on the internet either...until this reporter wrote the story, because I can't find anything.
    I think it's very bizarre that someone would report a body on their property to a real estate agent (who couldn't be bothered with it) and not call the police.
    If it had been me that discovered something like that, after screaming until I was hoarse, I'd contact the police. I would like to think that most people would have done the same thing.

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    Couldn't the real estate agent and the farmer be held accountable for not reporting this? I can't imagine not calling the police right away. They would have been number one on my list.

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    I have no idea what the law says about finding a body and not reporting it, but for the guy who originally saw this girl's limbs...I wonder if he was ok mentally. What I'm thinking of is maybe he was a bit 'touched', and the realtor handling the property was aware of this, so his claim of seeing "limbs" was not taken seriously. That's the only thing that makes any sense to me.

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    I thought I was the only person who still says "a lil' bit touched". I have to agree that this would explain the realtor not at least calling the police and asking them to check it out. I think I will try to dig around and find some information about Susan. Surely there is some out there somewhere.


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    I had posted on WS about Chris Dewitt, and at the time, I didn't even know that Nancy Marie O'Sullivan was reported missing at about the same time Chris DeWitt's body was found, and I was really shocked. I haven't been able to find out anything about her other than what was posted on missing person's sites. Because these crimes took place so close to where I grew up and I was in the same age range, I wouldn't be surprised if we at least knew some of the same kids.
    I'm thinking of contacting the reporter who wrote about Susan Konrath. What do you think?

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    I would ask if he knew anything about the farmer who first spotted her remains. I think that Susan's murder can be solved. It is just going to take getting someone dedicated to finding justice for her.


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    Nancy O'Sullivan

    Here's a news story about Nancy O'Sullivan, who is mentioned in the original post.

    Cold Case : Without a trace: 15-year-old disappeared in 1974

    By Patrick Ferrell, The Star

    Cold Case : Part of an occasional series about unsolved crimes in
    south suburban communities. From time to time over the next several
    months, The Star will report on similar cases, describing law
    enforcement's efforts to revisit these crimes and solve them.

    Every few years, Kathy O'Sullivan's phone would ring. A
    police department far away has found a girl's body.

    Could the body be that of Kathy's younger sister, Nancy?

    Some calls are easier to accept than others.

    One from New Jersey in 1984 really stands out. When Kathy received
    the call, it was 10 years since Nancy went missing in South Holland.

    The young girl found this time was stabbed, shot in the head, painted
    with black paint and then set on fire.

    "I went the whole weekend thinking something really horrible happened
    to Nancy," Kathy said. "You don't want it to be her. The cause of death is
    so horrific."

    It turns out the body was not that of Nancy. No trace of the
    15-year-old has turned up since she went missing on March 7, 1974.

    "Over the years you just start to lose hope. You know that things
    have pretty much run their course," Matt O'Sullivan, a brother who lives
    in St. Charles, said.

    The O'Sullivan family was a typical South Side Irish clan with 11
    siblings. In 1972, the family moved from South Holland to Homewood. On
    March 7, 1974, Nancy, then 15, went to visit some former friends and
    neighbors in South Holland. She never returned home.

    Her parents reported her missing the next day; the Homewood police
    department has a one-page report, which says simply that Nancy went out
    and never returned home.

    Some considered Nancy a simple runaway, but the family feels

    "We have always suspected some sort of foul play," Matt said.

    Kathy said her sister was an attractive teen who was into boys and
    makeup. One of the three neighbors she went to meet had a drug problem.
    Another had a violent streak, she said.

    The boys said Nancy left their house, "walked to the end of the
    driveway, put out her thumb and got into a blue Cadillac," according to

    It's a plausible story (Kathy admits the siblings were prone to
    running away for a few days at a time). But the story loses some
    credibility when one considers Nancy's purse was left at the boys' home,
    the family says.

    "She wouldn't go anywhere without her makeup or her purse," said
    Kathy, who now lives in Tampa Bay, Fla.

    Kathy said police never interviewed any of the neighbor boys. One was
    later killed in an auto accident in South Holland. Another died at an
    early age a few years ago, Kathy said. The third is apparently living near
    Las Vegas, but investigators with the National Center for Missing and
    Exploited Children have been unable to find him, Kathy said.

    The Nancy O'Sullivan case received renewed interest in Homewood
    recently after Sgt. Roy Janich received a call from a South Dakota woman
    who thinks she used to live in Homewood in the 1970s.

    "She was having recollections of her father harming a kid," Janich
    said. "She was describing going into a wooded area and seeing her father
    harm somebody. She remembers hanging around with a girl about
    (O'Sullivan's) age."

    The woman and her husband eventually financed their own trip to
    Homewood, but after spending days driving to various sites in the South
    Suburbs, neither Janich nor the lady could make a connection to the
    O'Sullivan case.

    "She came across this case somewhere on the Internet," Janich said.
    "After investigating it, she was trying to make the crime fit her memory.

    "It's just frustrating. You're trying to get closure for everybody,
    but I couldn't find a connection between her and Homewood."

    Until somebody comes forward, Nancy O'Sullivan's whereabouts could
    stay unknown.

    "We have nothing on this case," Janich said.

    Nancy O'Sullivan would now be 46.

    Anyone with information on the whereabouts or fate of Nancy
    O'Sullivan is encouraged to call Homewood Police Sgt. Roy Janich at (708)
    206-3433. Callers may remain anonymous, if they wish.

    Patrick Ferrell may be reached at pferrell@starnewspapers.com or
    (708) 802-8832.

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    I cut and pasted the following from the Question about old crime thread because I'm hoping to make contact with the poster Peters.
    There is a local reporter who is doing a series on cold cases in the south Chicago suburbs and I just got off the phone with him a little while ago. He's very interested in this case, and would like to have some correspondence with the person who posts here under the username of Peters to discuss with him the information he/she was able to find. I did send a pm to Peters, but I'm also posting to this forum in case Peters doesn't see the pm.
    The reporter's contact info:
    Hi...you were a great help in finding out information about a case that I had posted about in the cold case forum about Chris Dewitt. I sent an email to a reporter who would like to speak with you about it. He'd like to know if you still have copies of the newspaper articles. He's been doing a series on cold case files here in the Chicago suburbs, and he's very interested in this case.
    His contact info is:
    Patrick Ferrell
    Staff Reporter/Special Projects Reporter
    Star Newspapers/Sun Times News Group
    6901 W. 159th St.
    Tinley Park, IL 60477 direct (708)802-8832
    fax (708)802-8088
    He (Patrick Ferrell the reporter) also just signed up for WS, so he may be posting. It can only help to have a reporter who is interested in cold cases reading WS! He seemed like a pretty nice guy too.

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    I'm sure you noticed, Daga, but Patrick Ferrell (the reporter) posted right above you on this thread. Hopefully Peters will check in soon so he'll know there's an APB out on him! (kidding)

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    Yes, I did notice it. I had told the reporter the whole story and the WS connection. In an email I told him he should check out the site, and how amazing the people here are, and he said he had been reading some of the posts. I figure this can only benefit both sides by having him here. I believe his cold case series in the newspaper focuses on local Chicago area cases, but any that do come up, this site may give him ideas for stories that he may not have been aware of, and may even possibly help to solve crimes by getting the information out there in the media.
    I did a search on Peters's username and he/she hasn't really posted much to WS, and hasn't for awhile unfortunately. I also checked my pm box, thinking that I may have a pm from him/her that would have an email address, but no luck.
    I also re-read up on Rose Cole, and I'm just coming up with a huge blank. I thought the cross stitch site was interesting though! It's another instance of where I sit back in amazement at the sleuthing skills of the members here while at the same time slapping myself in the forehead saying "why didn't I think of that?".

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    The article linked in the OP is long gone. Thankfully, the journalist who wrote the piece preserved the text on his own web page:


    Now, 30 years later, the murder case remains unsolved. Moreover, no police department really seems to have been aware of the crime. Friends of Sue say the situation mirrors the teen's short 14-year life. "Sue was a person who just wasn't loved or taken care of," friend Kate Sullivan, of Park Forest, said...

    Sue's body was found in late November on the property of an unoccupied house on Route 30 west of Ridgeland Avenue. The body was discovered by a farmer who lived next door... The farmer contacted the Chicago real estate agent who owned the house, and the agent said he was going to Florida and could not be bothered with the problem, according to media reports. In the meantime, the body laid in the field for two more months. It was finally reported to police on Jan. 23, 1975...

    Kate Sullivan said she occasionally thinks about Sue and wonders why the case is still unsolved. "She didn't have a good life, and she certainly didn't have a good death," she said. "Nobody ever cared enough to do anything. You want to see justice done, especially for somebody who never stood a chance."

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