The Law Lords have ruled two ex-wives are entitled to their former husbands' millions in landmark rulings.
Melissa Miller can keep the 5m she was awarded out of her ex-husband Alan's 17.5m fortune, said the lords.
Julia McFarlane is entitled to 250,000 a year from her ex-husband Kenneth for life - not just the five years decided by the Court of Appeal.
The House of Lords' decisions could have far-reaching implications for future big money divorce settlements.

This is just to let American posters understand how divorce settlements can work in the United Kingdom.

people should know 'pre-nups' aren't legally binding in the UK and i thought this may assist understanding if ever there's a big case like the McCartney's may be (no divorce mentioned as yet) in the future and people start asking about 'pre-nups'.

the above decisions will have effect in future cases.

note: the latest story to appear regarding the McCartneys - with no official word - is Paul will offer around $47m to Heather and he wants baby Beatrice to 'reside' with him with access for Heather: