Hi there... not sure where to put this, but anyone from Illinois and Missouri, please take note!

Good Afternoon.

Cindi Crigler, Principal at John Weldon, sent the following email to our

office today. We felt it important to share this information with all of

our school communities. Please contact your local school if you witness

any questionable behavior related to the description detailed below.

Thanks for your vigilence for our kids!

Dan O'Donnell


On the news last night and this morning there was a warning to be on alert

for a light green older style jeep in this area. Evidently in one of the

surrounding subdivisions the driver of this jeep attempted to call

children to his vehicle. White male with dark hair, approximately 18-25.

Fortunately, no one was abducted, but an attempt was made. Please take

special care to watch children and if you see this jeep or anything

similar make the office aware. Many of you also live in this area, so

just be extra cautious. Please share this ASAP with your grade level/area.

Cindi Crigler, Principal