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    PA - George, 7, & Joseph Cox, 5, Pavia, 24 Apr 1856

    Joseph & George Cox

    I grew up in the area and never heard about these two kids. I'll check out the monument when I go up in a few weeks....

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    Goodness, that was long ago!

    "...Joseph and George Cox disappeared April 24, 1856, from their Spruce Hollow home, triggering a massive search by about 1,000 people over the pastoral Bedford County countryside...."

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    Strange indeed:


    Frank Edwards, in Stranger Than Science, states that Dibert told Wysong about the dream after the second time it occurred, while Rhoda Bender in an 1955 article and Fay Wentworth in an 1997 article, both in FATE Magazine, state that this happened only after the third time the dream recurred. Both Edwards and Wentworth add that Dibert stepped up onto a fallen tree before seeing the dead deer; Bender, in the earliest article, does not include this detail. All three authors spell Harrison Whysong's last name as "Wysong".
    Wentworth also adds that years later in June 1891, after Jacob Dibert's death, his son Isaac also had a dream which showed him the location of a lost girl; the location in his dream proved to be correct, and the girl was rescued.

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