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    NH - Tina, 34, & Bethany Sinclair, 15, West Chesterfield, 3 Feb 2001

    I just read MerryJo's posting in another messagethread, and don't want it to get lost, so am starting a thread here in the WS Discussion Forum devoted solely to Tina and Bethany Sinclair.

    Quote Originally Posted by MerryJo
    Hello. I am a friend of Sharon Garry's (Tina's sister/Bethany's aunt) and webmaster at our new site. We have a new website soliciting the public's help to find the girls. After 5 years, we doubt they are alive.

    Mother and daughter, Tina and Bethany Sinclair, have been missing over 5 years from Mountain Road on the CT river in West Chesterfield, NH. They were living with a "now-convicted sex offender."

    Tina Sinclair, at the time age 34, and her 15-year-old daughter Bethany, were living in the Chesterfield home with Eugene Van Bowman. They were last seen on Feb. 3, 2001.

    According to Bowman, the two had a fight, and Bowman told police he ended it by walking out of the house. By the time he came back, he told police, Tina and Bethany had taken their clothes and left.

    Left behind were Tina's car and cat, and both women's possessions.

    On Monday, Feb. 5, an unknown woman called Keene High School to say that Bethany, who was a freshman at the time, would be out sick. The last person to talk to Bethany was her date on Saturday night, over the phone, just before midnight. The women have not been heard from again.

    Chesterfield police were called after the women had been missing a week, and state police were brought in after that.

    Officially, the disappearances are classified as a missing persons case, and no suspects have been named. However, Bowman has been called a "person of interest" by authorities, and his home has been searched several times, including a search of the residence in April and a river search after the river thawed out. After five years, it is doubtful that the women will be found alive.

    The family and friends have published a NEW website in attempt to bring new life to their COLD CASE. They are soliciting the public's help in finding the missing mother and daughter.


    Their contact email address is: webmaster@missingtinaandbeth.org

    CONTACTS: Sharon Garry (sister of Tina Sinclair and aunt to Bethany Sinclair) can be reached at: sharongarry@sbcglobal.net

    MerryJo: friend of family and webmaster of Missingtinaandbeth.org can be reached at: webmaster@missingtinaandbeth.org

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    MerryJo: Following is the Charley Project info on Tina and Bethany--good luck to you!

    Tina M. Sinclair

    Above Images: Tina, circa 2001

    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
    Missing Since: February 4, 2001 from Chesterfield, New Hampshire
    Classification: Endangered Missing
    Date Of Birth: November 29, 1966
    Age: 34 years old
    Height and Weight: 5'2, 120 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Blonde hair, green eyes. Tina has a surgical scar extending downward from her navel. She has a butterfly tattooed on her right ankle. Her former married name is Mayotte.

    Details of Disappearance
    Tina and her daughter, Bethany Sinclair, resided with Tina's boyfriend, Eugene Van Bowman, on Mountain Road in Chesterfield, New Hampshire. Bowman, who goes by his middle name Van, told authorities that he and Tina had an argument on February 4, 2001. He claimed that he left the house and returned later in the day. Bowman said that Tina and Bethany were not at home when he returned. Bowman stated that all of their clothes were missing, but the remainder of their personal belongings, including Tina's fifteen-year-old cat and her vehicle, were still at the residence. Bethany and Tina have never been heard from again. They were not reported missing until February 10, six days after their disappearance.

    An unidentified woman called Keene High School on February 5, the day after the Sinclairs disappeared, to report Bethany was ill and would not be attending classes. Authorities are uncertain of the caller's identity. Tina and Bowman's relationship was troubled at the time. Tina's sister said that she was concerned for Bethany's safety because Bowman has a record as a sex offender (he served two years for molesting a relative in the 1990s after Tina and Bethany vanished), and wanted Bethany to live with her in Connecticut. She and Tina had an argument in October 2000 regarding the situation and had not spoken since that time. According to her sister, Tina said that she would get herself out of the relationship with Bowman. Tina's sister said that she believed Tina was preparing to leave Bowman, but she doesn't think Tina left of her own accord with Bethany in February 2001. The Sinclairs have not contacted any of their loved ones. There has not been any activity on Tina's bank account, cellular phone, or credit cards since her disappearance. There has also been no activity on Tina's and Bethany's Social Security numbers. Bowman's home bordered the Connecticut River, but an extensive search of the area produced no clues as to Tina and Bethany's whereabouts. Authorities suspect that foul play was involved in their cases. There have been no arrests related to the Sinclairs' disappearances. Bowman has reportedly refused to cooperate with investigators. He has not been named as a suspect but is being called a "person of interest." Tina and Bethany's cases remain unsolved.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    New Hampshire State Police


    Source Information
    The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children
    New Hampshire State Police
    The Union Leader
    The Child Seek Network
    Child CyberSearch
    The National Center for Missing Adults
    CUE Center for Missing Persons

    Updated 1 time since October 12, 2004.

    Last updated October 21, 2004. Charley Project Home

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    Letter to the editor:

    "Phony psychics should be exposed

    Editor of the Reformer:

    Nearly three years ago, the Reformer ran two front-page stories about self-proclaimed "psychic investigator" Carla Baron and her involvement with the case of two missing local women, Tina and Bethany Sinclair. Both stories were very positive and uncritical toward Ms. Baron; the only skeptical comment in either piece was a short quote from a local law officer, who said in effect that his department doesn't place much credibility in psychics.

    I'm now curious as to whether the Reformer might consider publishing a followup article, updating the public about what help, if any, Ms. Baron's "evidence" has provided in solving the Sinclair case. I realize that an article along the lines of "Psychic fails again" may possess the dog-bites-man quality that newspapers usually try to avoid. But it might serve to provide a more balanced and realistic picture. And it would give you another opportunity to mention Ms. Baron's long history of exaggerated claims and self-serving statements, as documented here: www.iigwest.com/carla_report.html.

    You could also note that despite what TV shows such as Medium might like you to believe, no crime in history has ever been solved by evidence provided through psychic means.

    You could also mention the experience of Kelly Jolkowski, whose son Jason went missing in 2001 (see www.projectjason.org/). Since that time, Ms. Jolkowski has been contacted by a number of self-described psychics offering their services, often in exchange for money. Through her work on behalf of families of missing people, Ms. Jolkowski learned that many other parents had also received unsolicited offers from psychics.

    She discovered that psychics are often very aggressive when contacting the family of the missing. For instance, if their offer is initially declined, they sometimes accuse parents of not loving their child enough to do everything possible to get them back. The "evidence" these psychics provide is contradictory, terrifying, depressing and ultimately, totally useless.

    They sometimes accuse innocent people of being responsible. They waste valuable law enforcement time and effort tracking down bogus leads. And none has ever provided a single clue that helped locate a missing person. In an effort to prevent others from being similarly preyed upon, Ms. Jolkowski created a Web site (http://voice4themissing.blogspot.com...chics-and.html) to help warn the friends and family of missing people about these "psychic predators."

    A followup article might help others from falling victim to Ms. Baron and her ilk, who shamelessly take advantage of families with missing loved ones, at a time when they are most vulnerable and desperate to try anything, however implausible. And it might determine whether the Reformer is truly interested in serving as a responsible source of information, or whether it prefers to pander to trendy and popular delusions.

    Dick McCarrick

    Athens, June 2"

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    Thumbs down Dear Dick McCarrick:

    Dick, if you are really Dick?, I just have to say that the letter written to the newspaper in NH, above, was extremely upsetting to our search for Tina and Bethany Sinclair.

    Sharon Garry (Tina's sister/Bethany's aunt) thinks the world of Carla Baron and other intuitives and that is not going to change.

    Placing it just below our website information is disrespectful to those of us searching with our hearts and souls, using every method available, to find our missing loved ones.

    Also, Dick, I/we truly believe there are people that have God-given abilities to use in helping others...not just out to make a buck or get public attention.

    Unless YOU, personally, know where Tina and Bethany are, Dick, please don't follow our website postings around with your editorial.

    Admin. of Missingtinaandbeth.org and friend of Sharon Garry's (Tina's sister/Bethany's aunt)

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    I'm sorry that Dick's letter to the editor upset you. Dick doesn't read here, so he won't see what you wrote. I posted the article. As this thread is in the discussion area, differing opinions are allowed. You may want to start a thread for Tina and Bethany in the Missing/Support area. I am sorry they have been gone for so long without a resolution. I can only assume that Carla's assistance did not net results.

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    Lightbulb Response to Kelly/Dick


    I've read your Blog so I know where, you personally, are coming from.....enough said.

    BTW, Tina and Bethany Sinclair are already posted in another section of this website. Someone else posted in this section, for me, so that my post would not be overlooked in the other section...perhaps it should be taken out of the discussion section since Finding the girls is not about Personal Opinions, it is about using any and every method one can to get the necessary results (at the same time, having faith in God to lead you to them).



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    FYI, Kelly and friends....

    Kelly and friends:

    I do not, personally, know Carla Baron. Sharon Garry (Tina's sister/Bethany's aunt) knows her very well. I am a friend of Sharon's trying to help her revive the girl's cold case, via the internet, long distance, out-of-state.

    I read your blog, Kelly, and understand your point of view, especially from what you have been through in your life.

    I feel deeply for you and for Sharon.

    Defending Carla will get me nowhere because I do not know her. I only know that Sharon respects her....and wasting time defending her will not help find Tina and Bethany.

    My personal opinions on the psychic/intuitive subject will get me nowhere either.

    The truth will be told when the girls are found....maybe not Carla's directions, maybe LE's behind the scenes efforts will pay off, maybe another intuitive's instructions will hit the nail on the head....Time will tell. Since most of us use only about 10 percent of our brains, I do, personally believe that some have gifts that others do not....but my opinion means nothing to the mainstream public.

    p.s. I joined the other site (JREF) to read (curious - came across it googling around), hoping it did not mention me, in particular, and this subject...and it did...taking focus off of two missing people, mother and daughter and the killer that is at large.
    p.s.s. Sharon has lost another family member this week in a tragic death. There is only so much a soul can bare.....I won't return to reading at the other site. But, still, request any help we can get at our site for Tina and Bethany.


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    I do not wish to add to anyone's pain in this matter, but I must make the following comments:

    The question was still not answered in repsect to Baron's effectiveness when 3 years after her assistance was rendered, the girls are still missing.

    As to the other forum and thread, it could not possibly take away attention from Tina and Bethany since it is not a thread about Tina and Bethany. In fact, it is highly likely that nearly everyone reading it had never heard of the case, therefore bringing attention to it, not away from it.

    I am sorry Sharon has suffered another loss. I wish that she would come to see that these psychics haven't and aren't going to net results. That in itself is extremely painful.

    Morgan Nick's family has had more than 500 psychics some forward with their "answers" over the past eleven years, many of them higher profile ones who claim numerous successes in other areas, but yet the family is no closer to finding Morgan.

    Morgan's mother, Colleen Nick says:

    "I am not in favor of seeking out psychic assistance. Unfortunately, not being willing to utilize psychics pushes a family into the discussion about doing 'everything possible' to find their missing child, and the gut wrenching guilt that if you don't take this route you have not done everything. The pressure that is exerted to seek out psychics can be overwhelming to parents who are deeply in pain and already racked with guilt over the child being missing.

    I believe you can do everything possible to search for a missing loved one without soliciting psychic help. My opinion and experience are that utilizing a psychic is exploitive of the family, is often emotionally damaging, can be financially taxing, and sometimes "psychics" want belongings of the missing loved one (treasures) that are never returned. These types of devastating blows continue to re-victimize a family that is already reeling."

    I only wish that Sharon would give this consideration. The answers to this mystery aren't going to come from psychics. They've had years to figure it out and haven't.

    MerryJo, I am moved by your strong desire to help. I would also like to do something more proactive and very real to help. If you are interested, please send me an email and I will tell you what I have in mind for Tina and Bethany. I promise not to use this correspondence to say more about the psychic issue in this vein unless you desire it.

    Like our family, this family deserves answers.

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    Police to release new information today

    Boyfriend is a person of interest, and they are still searching the house


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    Wow, I hope they have something solid to work with and finally be able to give some answers to this family. It would be terrible if the house were to be torn down and all evidence of anything be gone, so I do hope they search it well before it's demolished.

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    House torn down


    28 March 08

    Police aren't saying much about another search this week for a New Hampshire woman and her daughter who vanished seven years ago.

    Thursday, the house in West Chesterfield that was the last known home to Tina Sinclair and her daughter, Bethany, was torn down. Also on Thursday, police once again searched the site for clues in the Sinclairs' disappearance.

    The attorney general's office would not comment on whether the search involved the house, or the land on which it stood, or whether it happened before the demolition or afterward.

    more at link

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    I just got this notice.....

    Search efforts for the last Saturday of July is being sought for the following:
    K9 Teams, Foot and water, if interested please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you
    Are to be search and surrounding water sources - for Tina and Bethany Sinclair
    Pisgah Park, New Hampshire

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    Eight years on, the sudden disappearance of Tina and Bethany Sinclair remains a mystery


    The world is a different place today than it was when a West Chesterfield mother and daughter disappeared eight years ago.

    New wars, presidents and technologies mark the passing of time. Each tick of the clock slowly covers the remaining tracks of Tina and Bethany Sinclair like footprints disappearing in the snow.

    No bodies. No activity on bank accounts. The house they lived in off Mountain Road has been demolished.

    The only remaining traces of the Sinclairs are haunting photographs, forgotten belongings, a slew of questions and a lingering sadness among those they left behind.

    Family members of Tina Sinclair, who was 34 when she disappeared, and Bethany Sinclair, who was 15, remain vigilant in their quest for answers and some sort of closure to a painful mystery that has dragged on far too long.

    Tina Sinclair worked at the Keene Beauty Academy and as a visiting nurse for a quadriplegic man. She picked up her daughter, a Keene High School student, from a local movie theater and drove her home the night of Feb. 3, 2001. They were never seen again.

    “I still look at their pictures and talk to them. I’m not crazy, but you do that. I miss them terribly and I still wish they would come home,” said Tina Sinclair’s mother, Mary E. Lewis.

    “Just the idea of them being gone for eight years ... I get discouraged sometimes, but then I think, ‘Maybe we’ll find them.’ You just have to keep going.”

    Searchers with the police, private organizations and the Sinclair family have combed forests and explored the Connecticut River with divers and sonar equipment, but remain empty-handed.

    One private search party brought in cadaver-sniffing dogs in the fall of 2007. They trekked over hundreds of square miles in Chesterfield for seven days, eventually locating a spot where their dogs detected the scent of human remains.

    “We ended up getting an excavator and going out and digging in the woods off Route 9 in the Old Chesterfield Road area,” N.H. State Police Sgt. Russell B. Lamson said. “We must have cut four or five cords of wood just to get the excavator back there. We were there all day, but we didn’t discover any evidence.”

    Police investigators have entered the Sinclairs’ dental records and other identifying information into a national database that is used to match unidentified remains with missing persons, Lamson said.

    “A few unidentified remains have popped up on the radar. Any time a police agency finds something they call us because they know we’re looking. It happened a couple times last year. Nothing matched,” he said.

    “We’re also still getting tips and we always follow up on those. It’s just with each year the number of tips we get decreases.”

    The desperate Sinclair family consulted a California psychic a few years ago who claimed to have seen a pair of bodies in a cave on the side of a mountain in Chesterfield. The vision never panned out.

    They also hired award-winning private investigator Gil Alba, who worked for 27 years as a New York City police detective.

    “We’re still active on the case,” Alba said. “Every time we get a lead we follow it up. I went to Chesterfield in April and did some more interviews. We’re also looking for evidence: body parts, clothing, maybe a murder weapon. Anything we can find.”

    Alba is also looking at Eugene V. Bowman Jr. Bowman was dating and living with Tina Sinclair before she went missing. Police have called him a person of interest in the case.

    “The problem with a case like this is joining the evidence together with the person of interest,” Alba said. “You have to keep working on them and that’s what we’re doing.”

    Bowman is still living in New Hampshire, according to Alba. He said he has not spoken with Bowman. Attempts to reach Bowman for comment were unsuccessful.

    Police searched Bowman’s residence a few months after the Sinclairs disappeared, but what they seized and what they were looking for may never be made public because the state Attorney General’s Office refuses to release the warrants.

    The Keene Sentinel won an argument in the city’s District Court to view warrants that detailed the search, but the state’s Supreme Court reversed the decision. The Court ruled that the warrants should stay sealed while police are working the case.

    Tina Sinclair’s sister, Sharon Garry, stated in an e-mail that she and her family remain disturbed by the disappearances and are frustrated by the lack of information.

    “The anger, hatred, confusion and nightmares have shredded through me and made me into a person I don’t even recognize anymore,” Garry wrote. “The holidays, birthdays and family gatherings were like a bad dream because Tina and Bethany weren’t there.”

    A memorial for the Sinclairs will be replaced at a bend in the Connecticut River off Route 9 in West Chesterfield to mark the grim anniversary, Garry said.

    The first two memorials, a cross and a photograph of the Sinclairs mounted on a plaque, were stolen.

    Garry urged others to visit the memorial and light a candle in memory of her sister and niece.

    She said she will never stop searching for them


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    NH - Tina and Bethany Sinclair, Feb 3, 2001, NH Mother & Daughter

    From the Intimate Partners home page: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/susanmu...-investigation

    Tina and Bethany disappeared on Feb. 3, 2001. No one has seen or heard from them since. Tina was involved and living with a man who had a history of intimate partner violence and he is currently a registered sex offender. WE will be joined by her sister Sharon Garry.

    Profiling unsolved murders, suspicious deaths and missing persons, those in the middle of a relationship break-up or divorce who suddenly vanished without a trace. The show is hosted by Sheryl McCullom,MS, Director of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute, Former Prosecutor turned defense attorney Holly Hughes and Susan Murphy-Milano Violence Expert and Author on Blog Talk radio. Victims of intimate partner homicide and those killed by a person’s rage for the sake of argument, are invisible in the eyes of society. "Intimate Partner Homicide Investigation" and Websleuths.com will give victims who have been silenced by those hell bent on power and control a place to be heard and seek justice. We each understand, as we read about tragic cases in the news, that the epidemic exists, but it does not have a voice or a face — because the world in which we live places victims of intimate partner crimes and their lives in the "unimportant" category box. Intimate Partner Homicide Investigation will bring these cases to the forefront. The show, along side our partner and sponsor, Websleuths.com, will highlight, investigate and encourage anyone with information to contact either law enforcement or us with the goal of reaching a resolution.

    WS has a thread in the MBNFD:


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    Link to radio show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/susanmurphymilano

    Airs Monday night - 8 p.m. Eastern; 5 p.m. Pacific


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