I don't know if you're familiar with Frank McCourt who wrote Angela's Ashes about growing up desperately poor in Ireland.

Malachy McCourt is one of his brothers. I've got an audio book titled "Singing My Him Song" that I really enjoyedl

The back cover says:

Malachy McCourt - actor, gadfly, and raconteur - grew up amid death, squalor, and abuse in the lanes of Limerick, Ireland. When he came to America as a young man, he brought a gargantuan appetite for what life had to offer - and an equal drive to forget what it had delivered to him thus far.

Through his internationally bestselling memoir, "A Monk Swimming," millions of fascinated readers followed McCourt in his twenties, as he caroused his way all over the world, becoming a familiar face in movies and television, in New York and Hollywood, and in bars from Paris to Calcutta.

Now, McCourt tells us the rest of his story: how he got from there to here, how he went from living the headlong and heedless life of a world-class drunk to becoming a sober, loving father and grandfather, still happily married after thirty-five years. We meet the woman who stood by his side all those years, watch as they build a family together, and listen as McCourt pursues a career of surprising successes and comic missteps.

Bawdy and funny, naked and moving, told in the same inimitable voice that left readers all over the world wondering what happened next, Malachy McCourt's "Singing My Him Song" tells as honest and entertaining a story as anyone could hope for."

This audio book is 6 hours long and is on cassette tape (4 tapes) and is read by the author.

I'm thinking I'll sell it for $5, plus postage.