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    Sorry to bump this but I read on the Lyon thread that Lloyd Lee Welch has ties to SC. Was he ruled out for Eva?

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    Now I will admit that this is a bit far-fetched but hopefully someone can connect the dots one way or another.

    The other day I was watching a program about the disappearance of Jamie Michelle Fraley April 8, 2008. During that program there was a talk about Ricky Dale Simonds Sr. as one person of interest. If I am not mistaken Ricky was about 49 years old when he diseased back in 2008.

    Also, during the very same program the town Catawba NC caught my eye. Why?

    For the past 5 to 6 years or so, I have been looking into another disappearance that of Eva Debruhl of Catawba SC. I think it’s actually Rock Hill SC.

    Eva disappeared June 29th 1977. I also had a brief email conversation with one of Eva’s relatives who told me that I have an eye for details e.g. the coke bottle/can that was found near Eva’s house.

    Eva, what I know, was a very timid girl and a bit shy. Stay at home girl. So that’s why it was a big surprise to everyone when they learned that Eva was nowhere to be found…and still is.

    Anyways, during the program (Disappeared – ID Discovery) when people described Ricky that he was a real chick magnet/ladies Man, good looks and knew his way around women, this portrayal also caught my attention.

    Gastonia where Ricky lived is about 1 hrs drive from Catawba SC.

    Here are my thoughts and questions.

    • Ricky had the age and probably access to a car around 1977 when Eva Debruhl disappeared.
    • Thinking about what type of person Ricky was (described as), looks etc, he would most likely be that type of a person who could persuade a timid girl like Eva to go for a ride with him. Remember that the driver who "took" Eva had visited her doorstep once before within an hour or so before and then came around a second time.
    • The question is also if they’d met before? Did he attend the same school or church as Eva?
    • Did Ricky have any connection(s) to Rock Hill S.C at that time? Friends/work or other?

    To summarize:
    We know at least that Ricky is dead but the whereabouts of Eva Debruhl is still unknown. However, I think what I have mentioned here is well worth the time to look into.


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    Does anyone know the exact address where Eva stayed?

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    I'd like to work on this case a bit closely. It's bugged me so much. I have some pictures of the property Eva vanished from, maybe we can come up with new theories and
    escape routes.

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    Yes, 199 old friendship rd Rock hill, SC

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