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    Quote Originally Posted by anthrobones
    bumping up post
    thanks anthrobones, my suspicions lye with the parents knowing something odd happened to him
    Hopeing one day to bring Debra home

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    Christopher's sister wrote me a few days ago. She maintains that her family was innocent of involvement in his disappearance and the police were suffering from tunnel vision and had a negligent and incompetent investigation. (Given that they have lost most of the evidence in this case, she may be right. http://www.koaa.com/news/view.asp?ID=5171 )

    Christopher's sister says the family habitually left the front door unlocked and the room he was in was not cluttered at all, and she knows because she put him to bed herself on the night of his abduction. She also says he was not unwanted and his entire family adored him.

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    Thanks for the info meggily. I do not believe they are guilty. JMO

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    how things can happen

    If the police suspect the family they probably know more case info than we do that points to the family and I certainly won't dipute their greater access to case facts or their greater experience with cases in general. Having said all that, I have the following insight to offer:

    Many long years ago my young wife & I had some problems we needed to work out and so for a short time my young son & I moved in with my parents while we sorted things out (which troubles we later worked out nicely.) My parents lived in a mobile home back then which had the kind of lock on the back door that you lock by pushing and turning. Evidently one night we forgot to lock the door. In the rural area we lived in most people did not lock their doors anyway. One night my sister heard a noise and it was coming from my son's bedroom. She got up to investigate and found a teen neighbor kid standing in the room softly calling my sons name (my son was less than 5 yrs old then). Fortunately the teen was unarmed and she marched his backside down the hall & woke the rest of us and we called the cops and his parents.

    It turned out the neighbor kid had some mental problems that he needed help with. Our story ended well but it could easily have been a tragedy. If my sister had not woke up and caught the guy then either we all could have been killed in our sleep or my son could have been kidnapped with no sign of forced entry into the house. If he had been kidnapped I am sure L.E. would have had to start their investigation and their suspicions with the family, just because I think that is where you always start, with those that are closest to the missing person and then you work outwards from there.

    I am not saying the family is innocent but I am trying to show that odd things do sometimes happen so I try to keep an open mind even when I see that there are similarities in the story of these parents to others who have been guilty of wrongdoing.

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    The whole time I was growing up our door was not locked, we didn't even have a key to it that I know of. I was the youngest of 8 children and am sure that when my mother found out she was pregnant again I also was "unplanned and unwanted"
    If the police were focused on the family only, they may very well have missed clues pointing elsewhere. A young baby taken away would have no idea he'd been stolen years later, he may have been told he was adopted. I do hope that where ever he went he was cared for and loved.
    It very well could have been a case of someone knowing the family and thinking they already had enough children.
    Going into a dark room, even if cluttered would not be impossible, bring along a flashlight and you should manage quite well or even have night vision goggles. If someone is determined it's surprising what you can do!

    this is just my opinion, it may be wrong, user beware!

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    I was looking on NCMEC about 6 months ago and came across Christophers case. As soon as I saw his age progression my heart skipped a beat and I immediately said, "That kid looks sooooo familiar". His picture looks very similar to a guy I took a few classes with in college. I looked everywhere for a picture of him, but was unsuccessful as I couldn't remember his last name until tonight. It just popped into my head. So I did a MySpace search and found him.

    I put Christopher's age progressions up next to a few pictures of this guy, and to me they look similar. I don't know if it's just because I know the guy and have been thinking that they look alike for 6 months, or if they really do. Also, I don't know his family history or anything like that, so I'm going off of the pictures only. I'm not sure I want to post the comparison on here though. I would love to have all of your opinions, but I don't really feel that it would be appropriate, especially since I don't have his permission.

    I would love some opinions on what I could do. I'm also wondering if it would be okay to share the image via email with those that are interested. Thanks in advance.

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    New Age Progression


    15 July 09

    Experts have created a new composite showing what Christopher Abeyta might look like, 23 years after the 7-month-old disappeared from the family's home in Colorado Springs.

    The composite was released by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The Center is asking anyone who may have information about Abeyta, to call their toll-free national hotline, 1-800-THE-LOST.

    Christopher disappeared from his parents' bedroom between 12:30 - 2:30 a.m. on July 15th, 1986.

    Christopher Abeyta's mother has never stopped looking for him, even though she, at one time, was under police focus.

    Bernice Abeyta says she's optimistic about this new composite, and about new leads generated recently. She says, "I want to do whatever it's going to take to get through to people to find Christopher."

    [The new age progression, however, is not shown at the link!]
    "Don't forget the kangaroo!"

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    I saw on the family website that they are investigating a suspect, and I thought those following the case might be interested.


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    This is a close and loving family

    I went to elementary school with the younger daughters...and was a fairly frequent guest at their home. This was a close and loving family. They were always laughing and joking with each other...I never saw a cross word between any of them.

    Their mother Bernice is probably the most serene woman I ever met. She could be in the middle of chaos (as having 6 children and all of their friends in the house can create) and was completely unfazed and nothing but warm and welcoming.

    As far as their home being cluttered...I can honestly say that even with their 6 children, there wasn't a single time I was at their home that it wasn't clean and orderly...this includes many times that I just stopped by without notice...

    I think items about this case have been sensationalized...at the very least, exaggerated...

    My own aunt had 5 children...when her youngest was 20, my aunt became unexpectantly pregnant again...my mother laughed at her and said she was so glad it was her and not my mom that had to do it all over again...And I know without a doubt that my mother loved us and my aunt loved my little cousin...

    Kids are an enormous responsibility, so I totally see why the father thinking they were close to being done with that part of their lives, maybe wasn't pleasantly surprised to start over again...to take that to mean he didn't want their son or did something to cause him harm is a big, gigantic, humongous leap...one that really shouldn't have been taken...the fact that he answered honestly is an indication that he is an honest man...

    To ask a grieving mother that has been on medication to deal with probably the worst situation a mother could ever be dealt, to take a lie detector test is just egregious...it shouldn't be a surprise that it would be inconclusive...the fact that she took it under those or any other circumstances should indicate that she was willing to do whatever it took to find her son...

    As far as the door being left unlocked that night...first of all they lived in a smaller, very low crime community...also if you have 6 teenagers coming and going (school, work, friends, etc) is it really that hard to imagine how a door could go unlocked for the evening...

    Now as far as a baby being taken in the middle of the night without a sound...who's to say there wasn't any sound? If you have 9 people living in a house, there is going to be noise...and if you want to get some sleep in a house with 9 people in it, you better get used to sleeping through noise and people walking around...And a baby so used to having so many different people holding him, may not wake up with just another person holding him...especially when he was full from a bottle feed at 12:30am.

    I see two people that were just trying to answer all the questions they could (and answered all of the questions very honestly) so that the real investigation could take place...and focus on outside people.

    Mr. & Mrs. Abeyta and their children have lived through the worst nightmare...they love their children, all 7 of them...I hope they find the answer and peace that is due to them.

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    CO - Christopher Abeyta 7 months old 1986

    7 month old baby taken from his crib from his Parents room in the middle of the night. Non family abduction. www.findchristopher.com
    DOB: Nov 28, 1985Missing Date: Jul 15, 1986Age Now: 23Missing City: COLORADO SPRINGSMissing State : COMissing Country: United States

    Doe Network

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    # UPDATE October 2009: The family is investigating a suspect. Because of our ongoing investigation, we are limited as to what we can report here.

    From his website.......

    Says the family was being stalked, receiving hang up phone calls..

    This is heartbreaking.

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    Press Release

    Little Christopher Abeyta was kidnapped out of his crib in the middle of the night from his Colorado Springs home in Cheyenne Hills 23 years ago and has never been found. He was just 7 months old at the time of his abduction. The Abeyta Family will celebrate Christopher’s 24th birthday at 11:00 am, November 28, 2009 with a balloon release at Quail Lake Park in Cheyenne Hills. The Colorado Springs community is encouraged to come out and send a Birthday wish for Christopher up in a balloon. Please lend your support and ensure Christopher is not forgotten and he continues to have a voice.

    The entire Colorado Springs community was effected by this high profile kidnapping case that remains unsolved to this day. The Abeyta family has never wavered in their search for Christopher and continues to believe Christopher is alive and well. They now have renewed hope that justice will be served and Christopher will be reunited with his family.

    Additional information can be found on his website at www.findchristopher.com

    Read article on the Denver Post website.
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    Prayers to Christopher's family. May they continue to be strong, and one day be reunited with him.

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    Idaho, what happened with the possible match with the guy you took classes with?

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    Not much, pudd. A representative from NCMEC contacted me. I gave her some photos, and as much of his information as I had. I haven't heard anything else, so I'm assuming it was nothing.

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