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    Foiled robber claims he's the victim

    June 10, 2006 Dana Buckman got more than he bargained for when he held up a Rochester auto-parts store on July 5, 2005.

    Moments after Buckman brandished a 9mm semiautomatic pistol to steal cash from AutoZone at 569 Lyell Ave., employees Eli Crespo and Jerry Vega beat him with a metal pipe and held him at bay with his own gun.

    Although a battered Buckman escaped when Crespo and Vega recovered the money and retreated into the store to call 911, he was arrested a week later, pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery and was sentenced to 18 years in prison as a repeat violent felon. Now, however, Buckman is suing AutoZone and the two employees who walloped him, claiming they pursued him from the store, committed assault and battery and intentionally inflicted emotional distress.


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    Sick thing is this idiot will probably win. Seems like the only justice in this country is for the criminals.

    My grandfather used to own an automobile repair shop in Philadelphia. A criminal broke into his shop three separate occasions, one of which he killed my grandfathers dog. Well, on the fourth occasion, the ba@@ard fell through the roof into the store. He SUED my grandfather for falling through the roof AND WON!!!!!

    And honestly, its not the attorneys - they wouldn't have these cases if people didn't go to them to pursue it. Its the lack of compassion for others and the legal system who allows old women who spill coffee onthemselves and get millions of dollars for her own stupidity.

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