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    Suspicious Silence

    Sometimes silence says more then a million words. John and Patsy Ramsey are both wellspoken, community orientated PR savvy people. He has run a million dollar company. She a beauty pageant winner and journalism degree holder.
    They lived in the limelight. Jonbenets murder is one of the most salvage horrific murders I have ever heard of. Why aren't her parents looking for her killer?
    Why aren't they advocating on behalf of all murdered children. Where are there voices? I know Patsy Ramsey has been ill but these are people very skilled at multitasking and had ample resources to be activly involved with advocation on behalf of their daughter while Patsy was Ill. Afterall, Patsy was Ill while John
    built up a million dollar company. I heard there voices when it came to defending their innocene but only silence on behalf of Jonbenet. John made a bid for an elective office. They do have voices. They know how to be in and work the public. Yet, they remain silent and inactive in what I believe should be the most important goal in there lives: to find Jonbent's killer and make sure this never happens to another child. Of course if they are the killers then I guess the silence says it all. I hear the silence.


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    When they DID speak, it was in circles. Not exactly answering the questions. I felt like I was listening to a politician. A lot of words, but no substance.

    I suppose this is why I stopped following this case. After the family was found not to have anything to do with JB's death, I got disgusted and gave up. (my bad.)

    But you do bring up a very good point. A lot of parents of victims get actively involved in bringing murders to justice...even though it's not their own child. Probably not the case with all parents, but I see your point. Especially such a high profile murder.


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    John Ramsey ran for political office in the state of Michigan...guess he got on with his life.
    ...We have said to ourselves, look, there is never going to be a victory in this, there is no victory...John Ramsey: 6/24/98

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    I think they do public speeches at places like their Church and around the place, maybe at different churches.
    They choose not to be associated with people like Klass and do not attend such forums on murdered children.
    I guess they figure they aren't like the other parents of murdered children and you know what?? I think they've got that right.......