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    MD - CHARLES EUGENE BURNS, suspected SK, 2000's

    June 16th:
    Body Found Near Route 40 Identified As Missing Woman

    HAVRE DE GRACE, Md. - Maryland State Police said a body found near Route 40 in Havre de Grace is a Cecil County woman who had been missing since May 31. Police said Lillian Abramowicz Phelps, 43, was positively identified through dental records. Her death has been ruled a homicide, but the cause of death is not being released at this time.

    Police said Phelps' body was found on Oakington Road near Route 40 on June 14.

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    MD-Nine missing women and girls are sought in Harford County


    Nine missing women and girls are sought in Harford County

    Harford County Sheriff's deputies are seeking information on the whereabouts of nine missing women and girls, including an Aberdeen resident who disappeared days after four other women were attacked or killed in the area, police said.

    ~much more at link~

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    remains of two bodies in the Perryman area

    HaHarford County officials have scheduled a news conference for today to discuss the recent discovery of the remains of two bodies in the Perryman area.

    The remains were found by a passerby Friday, not far from where two deceased women were found in June.
    rford County officials have scheduled a news conference for today to discuss the recent discovery of the remains of two bodies in the Perryman area.

    The remains were found by a passerby Friday, not far from where two deceased women were found in June.

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    two skeletons found


    ABERDEEN, Md. - Police continue to search for clues after two bodies were found in a field in Aberdeen yesterday.

    The skeletal remains have been sent to the State Medical Examiner's office in Baltimore. State police spokesman Greg Shipley says the age, race and gender of the victims is unclear at this point.

    A man walking his dog found the first set of remains, and police discovered the second as they combed the area.

    Ted Dawson of Aberdeen says he's afraid one of the bodies is that of his stepdaughter, 25-year-old Jennifer Blankenship, who disappeared in early June.

    The Harford County Sheriff's Office says it is investigating that possibility. Investigators are also trying to determine why four bodies have been found within a five-mile radius since June -- including three within a quarter-mile of each other.

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    Movement In Harford County Murder Investigations


    Authorities are now treating four bodies found this summer in Harford County as homicides.

    Harford County State's Attorney Joe Cassilly says he expects to seek an indictment -- within the month -- of a suspect in one of those cases. He would not release the name of the suspect but Cassilly said he is in custody.

    Cassilly joined Harford County Sheriff Thomas Golding and Maryland State Police Captain Jeffrey Gahler in a press conference today to discuss the series of grisly discoveries in the Havre de Grace, Aberdeen and Perryman areas since late May.

    The latest bodies were found Friday near Perryman. Sheriff department spokesman Bob Thomas said those bodies were in such an advanced state of decomposition that authorities have not determined their age, sex, or their identities. The bodies have been sent to the state medical examiner's office for forensic analysis.

    Cassilly says he will seek indictments against an unnamed suspect in the death of Lillian Abramowicz Phelps of Elkton who was found near Havre de Grace in early June. The body of a woman identified as Sheila Turner was found in the Perryman area in late May.

    The sheriff's department said they are investigating the disappearances of five woman from that area who have been missing since this summer. In addition, several other women were assaulted and left for dead in the same area.

    A Kingsville man, Charles Eugene Burns, was arrested in late June and charged with attempted murder and five counts of first degree assault.

    Sheriff's spokesman Thomas says Burns is a person of interest in the other disappearances and deaths.

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    Police Investigate Bodies Found In Harford County

    (WJZ) ABERDEEN, Md. Police in Harford County are checking dental records trying to identify the remains of two women found murdered in a field near Aberdeen.

    WJZ's Suzanne Collins spoke with county detectives who are investigating possible links between the murders and the discoveries of two other women found dead this year.

    Investigators say the deaths coincide with a string of violence against women, many of which appear to have happened under similar circumstances.

    The mother of one woman who survived a recent attack in Harford County says her daughter was looking for drugs with a man when she was attacked. That man, Charles Burns has since been arrested and charged in connection with six attacks on women.

    "They were out looking for drugs, but she said he had wound up raping her in a grave yard down here in Perryman," says the victim's mother who chose not to be identified.

    Five other women have survived violent sexual attacks in Harford County this year.

    In every case of attempted murder or assault against Burns, police say the women were prostitutes and that Burns went beyond what was agreed upon before the encounter. The criminal reports say Burns forcibly sodomized the women and chocked them at the same time.

    Police say they have a suspect in custody in connection with at least one of the murders, but they will not say whether that suspect is Charles Burns.

    The State's Attorney said during a news conference Monday he expects a grand jury to present an indictment later this week or next week for the suspect. That indictment is being presented in the case of the death of Lily Phelps.

    Phelps' body was discovered in Havre de Grace in June, and police believe that murder could be related to the discovery of the body of Sheila Ann Turner, who was found dead in a field near Perryman last May.

    The bodies of the two women found last Friday have not been identified. They were discovered just 200 yards away from where Turner's body was located. The remains found on Friday were skeletal and were believed to have been dumped there months ago.

    The Harford County Sheriff's Office is also continuing the investigation of five females reported missing earlier this year. Originally, Sheriff's Deputies were searching for nine females reported as missing persons. During the past few months, four of the nine females originally listed as missing, have been located or returned to their families.

    As of today, five of the original nine women remain unaccounted for and investigators are looking for clues as to their whereabouts.

    Those individuals currently listed as missing by their families are:

    Jennifer Lynn Blankenship, 25, from the 100 block of Spesutia Road in Aberdeen. She was last seen in Aberdeen on June 4, 2006.

    Cynthia Ann Briggs, 58, of the 900 block of Arncliffe Court, Baltimore. Briggs was last seen in the 1700 block of Castleton Road in Darlington on September 17, 2004.

    Monica Patricia Gonsalves, 24, of the 600 block of Sequoia Drive, Edgewood. Gonsalves was last seen on April 13, 2006 in Edgewood.

    Ashley Nicole Hess, 17, from the 200 block of Hopewell Road in Churchville. She was last seen on May 18, 2006 at her home.

    Erika Nicole Shaffner, 17, of the 4000 block of Conowingo Road in Darlington. Shaffner has been missing since September 25, 2003 when she was last seen in the Darlington area.

    Of particular interest to investigators is the whereabouts of Jennifer Blankenship who frequented the Aberdeen area and disappeared two days after the body of Turner was found in a remote field near Perryman in Harford County.

    At this time it is not known if foul play is related to the disappearance of any of the women. Anyone with information regarding any of the missing women is asked to contact the Harford County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division at 410-836-5431. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

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    I remember hearing about these cases over the summer, but like most crimes against prostitutes/suspected prostitutes, they didn't receive much attention.

    So, they have this guy, Burns, connected to some of the murders/assaults, but they have zero evidence linking him to the 9 missing women, correct?

    This Charles Eugene Burns isn't exactly a criminal mastermind.... It's my opinion that if a serial killer is responsible for whatever happened to the 9 missing Harford women, he is alot more criminally evolved. It's of course hard to say what would drive the individual or make him tick, but if he is killing women he must be highly organized and methodical (being that he made these women dissapear without a trace.)

    I'm not sure how this could relate to the recent developments in South Jersey, but there really aren't many details on either case right now.

    - The victimology is similar

    - Route 40 runs through both (and from what I've read Harford has it's seedy areas that are alot like West A.C.)

    That's really all that I see right now.

    We at least have a (I assume partial) body count in South Jersey. If the same unsub is resposible for both, why aren't bodies turning up in Harford?

    *Killers do evolve and perfect their signatures. Sometimes the fantasies evolve as well.

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    From August 2007:


    Charles Eugene Burns, the 35-year-old laborer convicted of killing one woman and suspected in assaults on others, was sentenced to life without parole yesterday by a Harford County judge. Calling the death of Lillian Abramowicz Phelps a "senseless, predatory, premeditated murder," Circuit Judge Stephen M. Waldron handed down the harshest possible sentence as Burns stood motionless...

    Burns was convicted by a jury in April of killing Phelps, a 43-year-old Elkton woman whose body was found by a farmer in shrubs next to a secluded field outside Aberdeen in June 2006. Prosecutors said Burns picked her up, attacked her and then delivered a fatal blow to her skull by running her over with his car.

    Assistant State's Attorney Lisa Hyle Marts said yesterday that prosecutors are awaiting analysis from an FBI crime laboratory on evidence found in three other homicides that police have linked to Phelps' death.
    From September 2007:


    The Harford County state's attorney will not prosecute convicted killer Charles Eugene Burns on 17 charges, including sexual assault, sex offenses and attempted first-degree murder, stemming from claims of attacks on six women... Assistant State's Attorney Lisa Hyle Marts told Judge Stephen M. Waldron that the prosecution was dropping the charges because the victims were difficult to locate and some were reluctant to endure a trial, given that Burns is already in prison...

    Investigators also found blood from Jennifer Lynn Blankenship, 26, on the bottom of Burns' car. Her body was one of three, in addition to Phelps', that were discovered last summer in fields around Aberdeen.

    Investigators have said they believe the killings of Phelps and the three others — Blankenship, Joyce Tolliver, 51, and Sheila Ann Turner, 42 — might have been committed by one person. But authorities neither charged anyone in those deaths nor identified potential suspects.

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    Does anyone know what Charles E. Burns was finally charged with. Does anyone know if any recent info is available on the net?.