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    CA - Sid Landau, sexually violent predator, seeks release from state hospital

    A second jury should decide if twice-convicted child molester Sid Landau should stay in a mental hospital or be set free to relatives in New York City, a judge ruled Friday.

    Last week, a jury deadlocked 11-1 in favor of letting Landau go. A mistrial was declared.

    His brother says he's no longer any danger...has a pacemaker and has had some surgeries. I would say he's no longer any danger IF he has had all appendages removed.

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    Put him on house arrest for 2 years and see how that works out. And have occasional checks of his computer and personal belongings to check for evidence of child pornography.

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    No he shouldn't be let out. As long as he has hands...a mouth...and a brain he will reoffend. Do they really think that his 74 yr old brother is going to be able to control him? It doesn't matter if he has a pace maker....his heart has nothing to do with abusing children. I can't imagine that 11 people on that jury wanted to let him go to his brothers. Glad there was that one hold out.

    This guys brother probably doesn't even understand what child sexual abuse is all about. Obviously he doesn't understand that these guys can't change.
    I hope the next jury votes 12 to 0 in favor of keeping this creep locked up.

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    The 11 jurors should let there kids be friends with him when he gets out...

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    From February 2013:


    Landau sued in federal court, claiming Placentia cops violated his right to privacy. He lost. At two parole violation trials, juries deadlocked in favor of his release, voting 11-1 and 8-4 respectively. That prompted a third trial in March 2008...

    Landau was committed the following year to the Coalinga State Hospital for an indefinite period as a SVP...

    Part of the panel's basis for finding reason for Landau's SVP status is something he sent in December 2003 to the brother and sister-in-law he wants to live with in New York if released: a box of belongings containing pornography. Then there are the 18 boxes he mailed to a relative from 2003-2006 that included pictures of a boy on a bed in underwear... articles about a boy who exposed himself online and children getting lost at water parks and pamphlets on daycare centers, babysitting businesses, Walt Disney World and wholesale toy stores. The justices believe Landau mistakenly included these, wanting to keep them as currency to trade with fellow patients.
    From March 2014:


    Sid Nathaniel Landau, a 74-year-old who has been locked up for years as a sexually violent predator (SVP), has lost another round in his long bid for release.

    An Orange County Superior Court judge last week rejected a motion for a new trial for Landau, whose previous bid for freedom was torpedoed Dec. 18 by a jury that found the old man continues to pose a threat to the community.

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