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    MS - Willie 'Cookie' Dean, 7, raped & murdered, Laurel, 29 Jan 1985

    Police say they have a suspect in a 1985 murder case in which a 7-year-old girl was raped and strangled.
    Laurel Police Lt. Lane Bounds said the suspect, whose identity was not released, is in the custody of another Mississippi law enforcement agency.



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    I am so happy that Cookie's mom knows her daughter's murder has been solved and that the creep will be arrested soon. Wonder how long it will be before he is arrested and a trial begins?
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    This article is from 09/30/2006

    Child Rapist Sentenced to Life in Prison

    A man who raped and murdered his 7-year-old cousin just yards from her Laurel home in 1985 has been sentenced to life in prison.


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    Quote Originally Posted by perfectingpink View Post
    This article is from 09/30/2006

    Child Rapist Sentenced to Life in Prison

    Thank you pink.
    Unless I provide a link, every one of my posts are to be considered rumor, Speculation, or simply MY OWN OPINION.

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