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    Quote Originally Posted by paul1980 View Post
    Sadly, i think acolytes of the cult tracked her down and killed her. As mentioned, they did not just let people leave.
    Are you familiar with Synanon?
    What do we think? What do we know? What can we prove?

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    No i was reading the old threads and seeing the sorts of things Synanon got up to.

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    If this isn't allowed I apologize, the girl in the pic looks like maybe she could be Rose......there is also this pic.......


    I know I read somewhere in one of the threads that she had visited the Synanon Ranch at one point....
    I know a lot of people have wondered why no one remembered RC seeing how she was one of the youngest girls there, but I wonder if she couldn't pass as older, I have friends who could have passed for 19-22 at 15....just a thought....

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    She was at Synanon, yes. The thread was visited early on by someone who had been at Synanon at around the same time who was able to contact friends. A few vaguely remembered Rose. She really wasn't there that long before she left and made her way to SF.
    What do we think? What do we know? What can we prove?

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