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    Canada - Halton Region ON - WhtFem 494UFON, 55-65, @Chudleigh's Apple Farm, Oct'78


    Unidentified White Female

    • The victim was discovered on October 23, 1978 in Halton Region, Ontario, Canada

    Vital Statistics

    • Estimated age: 55-65 years old
    • Approximate Height and Weight: 5'3"-5'4"; (162 to 165 cm); 110-115 lbs. (49-52 kg).
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: Grey and blonde or grey and white hair; slim build. She had severe osteoarthritis of the lower thoracic and lumbar vertebrae and right hip joint. It is anticipated she may have complained of back and hip pain and had some reduction in mobility.
    • Dentals: Edentulous - she had no teeth (for years).
    • Clothing: Heavy, blue knitted sweater; red, black and white checkered, button-up jacket; brown pants (size 36); brown socks; white, machine-made sweater; home-made multi-colored jacket with a green, yellow, orange, pink and red flower pattern.

    Case History
    The victim was located near near Chudleigh's Apple Farm in a bush area near Highway 25 and Highway 401, in the
    Halton Region, Ontario, Canada on October 23, 1978.

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    Canada - Unidentified Female 494UFON, Ontario, 1978 to: Dorris Fennel, Ontario, 1977

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    I think that's a pretty good match. Good find Tom!

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    I think it is a good find also. I would call to see if Doris had any of the physical problems associated with the UID.

    Good job!


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    Ok I submitted the case on the strength of you two agreeing with me. I also asked if Doris has any physical problems or if they could tell me any more information. Hope it works out and as always I'll update when I hear back.

    Thanks you two, sincerely.


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    So it's been 2 years since I submitted this and since the case is still open I'm assuming that it was not match. I haven't forgoten about her though. Here are some other possiblities.

    Margaret Schwabe
    Missing since December 1970 from East St Paul, Manitoba, Canada

    The height is off by 3 inches but really, how accurate is height anyway? People often guess at what their height is so I'm not relying on that being accurate. The connection that I see is that the UID and Margaret both had no teeth and the descriptions match. Also Margaret was from East St. Paul Manitoba which although is a far drive from where the UID was found it IS en route to Ontario's major hwy401. If this UID was dumped off the hwy as suggested then it would make sense.

    Flora Vesta Smith Helmick
    Missing since August 3, 1973 from Bridgewater, Rockingham County, Virginia

    There are things that I like about this possible. First off she had no teeth and had a bad back from a car accident. She was from Virginia which is a long ways away from Ontario Canada but there is one interesting connection. Flora went missing in the company of a man and her sister who are also missing. That man was Ed Kleyton http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/1919dmva.html
    Here is the interesting part:
    "Ed Keyton a illiterate World War I veteran was ruled incompetent by Rockingham Circuit Court in 1932 and a "committee," or guardian, was appointed to take care of his affairs. George "Buddy" Price, who was Keyton's committee when he vanished, said the missing man often would leave the area, perhaps to visit relatives in Ohio, without telling anyone.
    Keyton was a local World War I hero with a reputation as an eccentric. He lost his left leg during the war and, acquaintances say, returned home shellshocked. "

    Ohio is just across the border about 6 hours drive away.

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    My personal opinion:

    - I would rule out the first one based on hair color. Both the UID and the missing woman seem to have specific hair color that was called out by LE. This is going off the opinion that most people are deceased around the time they seem to disappear.

    - I would rule out the second one because it was a trio that disappeared and it sounds like they suspect it is because the male driver was an exceptionally bad driver. Most likely they are in a body of water or crashed into an extremely woody area.

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    Another thread that hasn't been posted on for exactly six years.


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