Passengers on a Virgin Blue flight last week from Hobart to Melbourne endured a 50-minute tirade by a woman who stripped topless and ranted the flight was the next September 11, according to a witness.

A passenger on board the flight, known only as Ellie, told Melbourne radio station 3AW the woman "absolutely went psycho" as flight DJ 145 taxied onto the runway last Thursday night.

Ellie said the woman became loud and erratic, telling passengers she had met an Israeli man who had a vision that everyone was going to die and the plane was the next September 11.

"The whole plane was basically freaked out."

"She really didn't know what she was doing when we took off and her mental state just got worse and worse as the plane was in the air."

Ellie said the passengers applauded when they touched down in Melbourne, and three or four security guards boarded the plane and whisked the woman away.

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