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    Post Gas Savers: Myths and Secrets

    Our love affair with the car is no longer a cheap date considering today's high gas prices. But are there secrets out there that would allow you to get more miles for your money?

    Plenty of companies claim if you just buy their products you'll save on gas:


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    I really liked the suggestions at the end--which were common sense. I did wonder about the fact that they didn't mention getting gas during the cooler part of the day. A chemistry teacher I once had explained in class that due to the make up of gasoline, the cooler it is, the more compact gasoline is. There are more molecules/gallon when it is cool.
    I have no idea whether this is correct or not, but I do try to get gas in the mornings.

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    I've stated putting Octane Booster into my tank. It improves the accerleation and burning rate of the lower octane gas. I was getting 280 a 15 gallon tank (mostly in city driving) but now I'm getting roughly 320. The STP Fuel tretment with "jet fuel" that claims it's "Barely Street Legal" works the best. They also have Octane Boosters with detergents that help scrub out the carbs and fuel injectors, which also improves gas mileage. I was also getting a lot of knocks & pings from burning the lower rated "cheap" gas, but it's largely disappeared now.
    The gas tretments run from $3-$8 dollars a bottle.

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    Do you have to add a bottle with every fill up BillyGoat? Do you just ask the gas pump guy for it? I've started buying all my gas at 76 even though it is a few pennies more. Arco gas immediately starts pinging. I'll have to go read the article LOL


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