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    Lance Bass visits gay bar with gay star

    (ABC) How much privacy should onetime *NSYNC star Lance Bass expect when he visits a prominent gay bar with a prominent gay star?

    On Wednesday, The New York Post's Page Six column reported that Bass had been spotted with "Amazing Race" star Reichen Lehmkuhl at Atlantic House, a gay bar in Provincetown, Mass.

    Following the Post report, a blog on the Washington Blade, a leading newspaper for the gay and lesbian community, said that Bass had been outed.

    Through his spokeswoman, Cindy Owen, Bass, 27, declined to comment on the report. Lehmkuhl's spokeswoman, Mara Santino, also declined to comment on the Post report.

    Certainly, simply visiting a gay club doesn't confirm that you are gay. But historically, mainstream media have restrained from exposing the sexual orientation of celebrities who have chosen to keep that side of themselves personal. Some gay activists condemn the Post and other media outlets for speculating about Bass' sexual orientation.

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    Certainly Lance has been in the public eye for long enough now to know exactly what he was doing. Perhaps (rightly) he doesn't care who sees him where with whom.

    I have Provincetown story. About 10 years ago I went to visit my adult (beautiful blonde) daughter who was living as a single career gal in Connecticut. It was early April - off season - she had a long weekend off and I had always wanted to see Cape Cod. So we drove to Provincetown, arriving in the dark around 9:30 PM in a blinding rainstorm. We had a "Bed and Breakfast" guide with us and chose one that had a good rating.

    There were only two cars in the parking lot but the lights were on. The proprietor greeted us effusively. He looked us up and down and gushed that he had just the room for us! We followed him down a hallway and were ushered into a very lovely room whose walls were hung with artwork that I will only describe as "suggestive" - and one queensized bed. I said "Do you have anything else? Something with two beds?"

    He got a kind of crestfallen look on his face and said "Two beds?", shrugged and took us to another room. Same type of artwork, but one queen bed and a single over to the side in this room.

    I looked at him and smiled and said, "This will be better for us. By the way - this is my daughter." He then turned a bright shade of red, looked at her, looked at me, and said "Oh my God, I should have known - she has your eyes!"

    We all laughed, he made a snack for us because we were hungry and made us a wonderful breakfast the next morning. And you know, for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the place!

    Provincetown is very gay. Lots and lots of same sex couples holding hands and browsing the store windows.

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    Provincetown has always been very accepting of same sex couples.
    I remember going often with my parents as a child.

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    I never in a million years suspected that Lance could be gay! I always thought that he was the cutest--and the nicest--of the NSync band members...

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    Heehee.... my daughter was a HUGE NSync fan and she always said she thought he was gay. You never saw any pictures of him with any girls. In fact, I don't remember hearing any stories of him dating a girl.

    More power to him - whatever floats his boat...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jules
    ...You never saw any pictures of him with any girls...
    I thought that was because he was shy--no lie! I guess that I need to get out more often...

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