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    FDA OKs Contraceptive That Can Last Three Years

    WASHINGTON -- American women will be getting another contraceptive option that their counterparts in many other countries have had for years.

    Implanon, a rod-shaped contraceptive implanted in the upper arm for up to three years, received federal approval, health officials said Tuesday.

    Food and Drug Administration approval clears Organon USA to sell the birth control rod in the United States, agency spokeswoman Susan Cruzan said. Implanon, which can stop menstruation in many women, has been sold in more than 30 countries since 1998.

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    They just keeping getting more and more advanced with contraceptives...and menstrual cycles are getting more and more interuppted. Anything that keeps the body from doing what it naturally does, I would have to leary of...
    I just don't understand why everyone now adays wants to put all of these hormones into their body! If we were meant to not have a period for months at a time, it would already be that way! Geesh! Use a condom and spermicide AND the rhythm method. It's a little more work, but no side effects! I would never even go on the pill...
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    Actually if you think about it-back in the day-before there were lots of contraceptive options many women were pregnant from marriage to menopause. They didn't have a lot of periods because they were frequently pregnant or nursing.

    I think there's always room for more birth control options. I think doctors should certainly make women aware of the benefits and risks so they can make an informed decision about what's best for them.

    As an aside-and this is probably TMI-lol-I'm allergic to every spermicide I've ever tried. Things get....well, never mind...that WOULD be TMI!

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