I am aghast Britain could quibble over this!

why give paedophiles a break - why?

It may not be possible to "transpose" the US system of Megan's Law to the UK, a Home Office minister has said.
Gerry Sutcliffe, visiting New Jersey, said any plans to introduce a similar law in the UK would have to take into account its different "structures".
He has met the parents of Megan Kanka, the seven-year-old whose murder in the US by a neighbour who was a convicted sex offender inspired Megan's Law.
It gives US parents access to details on paedophiles living in their area.
Critics say by moving towards a UK form of Megan's Law, the government would be pandering to media pressure but supporters say it would save children's lives.


this article brings me to tears, really it does. softly, softly approach to paedos just doesn't work, IMO.

this is what critics say:

But there have been concerns raised that releasing paedophiles' information could divert attention from other dangerous people, as some children are more at risk from people they know than from strangers.
The Office of the Children's Commissioner has said introducing a similar law could harm children as it would drive offenders "underground".

What is being refused in Britain:

Sarah's Law


The government has refused to allow any public access to the Sex Offenders Register.

Debate over Effectiveness

There has been considerable debate over the effectiveness of Megan's Law and therefore, by implication, Sarah's Law. Issues raised have included - see Wikipedia link above.