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    LA - Christopher 'Michael' Pierce, 18, Bossier City, 18 May 2003 *Arrest*


    Born May 29, 1984 in Shreveport LA.
    Graduated May 18, 2002 Parkway High School, Bossier City LA.

    Disappeared May 18, 2003 around midnight from work at Taco Bell, Barksdale Blvd, Bossier City LA.

    Witnesses say Michael left work alone and was driving his red 1988 Jeep Commanche pickup, LA license #W031965. It was a daily struggle
    to keep his Jeep running well enough to get him to and from work each day. He is 6', 275 lbs, brown hair, hazel/green eyes and wearing a
    Taco Bell uniform. His tongue is pierced.

    Michael's family has not heard from him since his disappearance.
    Police have exhausted all leads, so his disappearance has become
    a "cold case".

    He has an adoring 16 year old brother, Matthew Pierce, 13 year old
    sister, Lauren Rogers, mother, Leslie Rogers in Nashville, TN. His
    grandparents, Judy and Irish Downes live in Gallatin, TN. His dad and
    step-mom, Chris and Stacy Pierce, live in Shreveport, LA.

    Michael is an exceptional young man. He loves his family and friends
    who have extremely fond memories of his kind, caring, loyal,
    friendly, and loving ways.

    From birth he has been a tremendous joy and delight to his parents,
    grandparents and great-grandparents. He was a bright, adorable infant
    who was remarkably sensitive to the feelings of his loved ones and
    playmates. He wanted to please everyone.

    Through his childhood and teen years, he never lost this sensitivity.
    He was not always treated kindly by his peers, but he loved everyone.
    He never complained when he was mentally or physically in pain. As a
    child he loved music and sports and this love remains in his heart.
    He was always an A & B average student and enjoyed school. He never
    used liquor, tobacco or drugs.

    Until his disappearance, he did volunteer work with the
    Shreveport/Bossier MudBugs hockey team and was liked by all who knew
    and worked with him, including rival team members.

    Michael is gifted in poetry and short story writing. He enjoys being
    on the computer, journaling and chatting with internet friends. He
    dreamed of being a disc jockey and had hopes of majoring in
    journalism and broadcasting. He was making his own living on the few
    bucks an hour he earned working nights at Taco Bell. He was hoping to
    save for a new car and college in the near future.

    Before he disappeared, he told his mother on the phone that his
    life had been threatened & he had not been sleeping well & was
    afraid. Michael had just graduated high school with honors, never
    in trouble & is a sensitive, caring young man. We have been told
    by the police that kids disappear all the time. Police have so
    many criminal matters to handle that a missing boy is not top
    priority, although they say that they have done all they can do
    unless they have any other leads to follow.

    We are desparate to find our precious child. To us, this is a
    priority situation, but we have no one with our sense of urgency.
    We feel someone knows something & must come forward.

    My husband has gone to Michael's home town & talked to people &
    posted "missing" posters everywhere. Michael is gone & we need
    help or some solid advice or leads to prompt the police to further investigate.

    We cannot afford a private investigator, or reward money however.
    We are not prominent people who know how to get public attention.
    However, we must cry out for our Michael. We feel that we must get
    media attention & pray that your involvement would be a mighty
    platform. Please help us with advice or anything. We just want
    our baby back!

    We do know that countless people & churches are praying.

    To read about updates and ongoing activities concerning his case please go to

    Michael's "Missing Person Profile" can be found here:


    If you believe you have any information regarding this case that
    will be helpful in this investigation please contact:
    Bossier City Police Department at (318) 741-8683

    Keep your eyes open. If Michael is reading this, please call your family, they love you and miss you.

    Thanks so much!


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    Beach, was Michael's jeep ever found?

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    Beach, I am praying for Michael and his family.

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    Reward Offered

    A California foundation dedicated to finding missing persons is offering a reward to help locate a Shreveport man who was reported missing more than three years ago from Bossier City. The Carole Sund/Carrington Foundation is offering a $5,000 reward for information that will help police find Christopher Michael Pierce. Christopher was 18 years old when he was last seen leaving work at the Taco Bell in the 4100 block of Barksdale Boulevard on May 19, 2003.


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    The grandparents of Christopher Michael Pierce were recently interviewed for the Missing People Podcast, a Project Jason partner.

    This is a very heartwrenching interview in which we touch on the sub-topics of faith and its importance in dealing with a loved one's disappearance, and spousal/family support of the main advocate.

    You may listen to the three part interview at this link: http://www.lumospub.com/interviews.html

    Thank you for caring about the missing.

    Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
    President and Founder,
    Project Jason
    Read our Voice for the Missing Blog

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    Michael’s Truck recovered in the Red River

    Michael’s Truck recovered in the Red River

    A pickup found in the Red River in Bossier City this afternoon belonged to a young man who has been missing from Bossier City for four years.
    The Jeep found in the river near the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway boat launch was the vehicle Christopher Michael Pierce was driving when he disappeared from the Taco Bell where he worked in May 2003.

    More at link:

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    They will not say at this point if there are remains in the vehicle... I am guessing that there are..
    A sad ending, but atleast the family wil have some answers.
    I found another article where it shows the police covering the vehicle witha blue tarp ~ I don't think they would do that if there were no remains inside.

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    Human remains were found in it:


    A sad ending, but now this family can find some closure as to what happened to their son.

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    Whenever a person disappears along with their vehicle, and there are no obvious signs of foul play but no indications they left on their own either, I tend to suspect an accident of some kind.

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    Lake Charles, Louisiana

    LA-Police find remains in pickup pulled from Red River

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    “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.

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    If it was found near a boat launch, that makes me wonder.

    It doesn't matter though to me right now. I'm glad the family knows where their son is. God bless them and bring them peace eventually.

    RIP, Michael.

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    Oh ok, I live near here thats how I found it. I didnt know they already had a thread on it.

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    At first I thought accident too, but his family said his life had been threatened before his disappearance. Well, at least now they know where he is. RIP Michael.

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    News and updates here, plus a message from the family:


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