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    NC - Two elderly couples shot to death, Iredell County, Jan & Sept 2005

    Two double murders of elderly couples in the county where I live were solved yesterday. One of the victims was the cousin of my mother. I could not believe it when the suspect turned out to be a 65 Year Old Woman!

    No motive has been released and there was no evidence of robbery, although both men owned or previosly owned convencience stores and were known to carry alot of cash. We will all sleep easier knowing she is in jail!


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    I'm glad you folks have this solved. I wonder why she did it if no money was even taken.

    Isn't it scary now- a -days? You just never know who may be a killer anymore. It makes us feel like who can you really trust!?!

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    Good lord--that's a shocking story--but there's always a motive,the police know what it is,and why they do not reveal it is beyond me

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    I spoke with someone today who was told by a sherriff's deputy that there was much more to the story than anyone knew but if he gave out any information at all, he would loose his job. I will be very curious to see what the motive turns out to be and if anyone was involved. I find it very hard to believe that she acted alone and was able to shoot both couples. According to news reports, she was a frequent customer of 2 of the victims convenience store and was in there as recently as a few days ago.

    I will be burning up the phone lines to see what I can learn concerning a motive in this case.

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    North Carolina

    I'm in NC too - and in the same general area of NC - so if you hear anything, please report it here so I can read. Thanks!
    It's my own two cents. You don't have to read or like it.

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    Hi Less! It is so nice to meet a fellow Tarheel that is in this neck of the woods. I've talked to lots of people and even the family is being kept in the dark about motive. However, this happened in 2 small towns, one very small and word will get out. I will keep my ear to the ground and let you know if I hear anything.

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    From May 2013:


    Seven and a half years after his friends were killed, store owner Robert Taylor is still looking for justice. Don and Sue Barker owned a country store north of Statesville. "It was a senseless killing," Taylor said.

    Deputies arrested an unlikely suspect, 65-year-old Barbara Evans. She was charged with killing the Barkers and James and Ruth Powell.

    Three years later, prosecutors dismissed the charges against Evans after a judge found her incapable of standing trial. The judge ruled Evans had dementia and was progressively deteriorating and not likely to recover.

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