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    School purchases house for homeless students

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    What a great idea! The principal of a middle school in a local district is organizing "block parties" this summer in lower income apartment complexes around the school, and several teachers and administrators from the school attend each event. This way the parents, who are often time single moms working 2 or more jobs, can meet with and connect with the school staff. A very high percentage of students in this school move in and out of the district during each school year (which has a negative effect on the student's learning process) and the principal is hoping that by connecting with the families, they might be less inclined to move.

    I think it's great that schools are trying to reach out to the students.

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    Agreed, I think this is a wonderful idea, good for them! These homeless teens could end up quitting school and becoming criminals, if for no other reason than thier need to survive, by stealing food, money etc. I think it's the best place to start, change them now before they become criminals or get pulled into a lifestyle that isn't healthy or productive. Give them the chance to overcome thier life problems, which they have no control over, and the chance to become educated, happy normal teens, thus becoming happy productive citizens in the community once they are out of school.

    I hate the thought of such young people having to worry about where thier next meal will come from, when what they should be doing is planning thier outfit for the next day or hanging out with friends and just being a kid, doing typical kid things....wondering where your dinner is coming from or where you will get a new pair of shoes isn't one of those typical teen activities, but it is one that happens all to often to too many kids across the country unfortunately.

    I commend this school and hope they are successful with thier attempts to help these kids and that more school districts follow thier lead, and realize that there is something more they can do for thier students besides feel bad for thier situation. Actions speak much louder than words!

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    I think this is great, but I couldn't help but wonder why they are homeless. Are any of them on the list of missing children?

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    I hope this works. If they're not already (which I seriously doubt), they need to meet with some attorneys who can give them a head's up regarding liability and what they could face in this situation.

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    This sounds good but I notice that the teen has to leave the family and go live in basically a group home.

    It's too bad that the whole family can't be helped so that they can stay together and have a basic roof over their heads. Lots of people become homeless due to things beyone their control and I think that we decent people all are at way too much risk of losing our children due to interference from the state and school system. Hopefully most of the residents will be very temporary and can get back to their families quickly.
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    This would be for kids that choose to have an education. No one wants to leave their family but if the kids know at least that they need to graduate from high school, I think that gives them part of the resolve they need. It may even make them feel like they could help their parents and/or siblings in the long run. Let's face it, once you get over the guilt factor, what teen wouldn't want a roof over their head and a place to sleep.

    I agree with the comment about the liability. Current times in our society mean that some set of parents would chomp at the bit to sue for anything they can...if they are homeless already and can get money I'm sure that there is a certain sector that would do that. Most parents would be greatful but there will always be those few. Let's hope they don't ruin in for the majority.

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    What a wonderful idea. Maybe once the idea catches on other wealthy business people will give a few thousand dollars...like Joe did. That is a beautiful home. It sounds like they will be selective about who will live at the house...probably kids who really want an education and don't have criminal records, etc.

    Of course critics have to make their attack right off of the bat.....

    Critics argue that while the school district's plan is admirable, it steps out of bounds by mixing public schools and religion.

    Newcomb said he sees the issue as utterly separate: "This is not about building up our church or preaching to students. This is about a service opportunity and responding to a real need."

    Sometimes people don't have a brain in their heads. The critics are probably people who wouldn't help out or donate a penny if they were asked BUT they want to have their thoughts be known

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