Well guys, this is where we are I know it will be harder for new members to find us but we can tough it out. I really think we need to carry on our search for Sharons identity. I just got out of surgery this morning so im still loopy and cant really think straight but it will wear off soon enough. I am having a hard time finding the archives so we can continue our discussions, if anyone can find it and link it here it might be easier for us to pick up where we left off.

I am wanting to know something in particular right now. the childrens home that floyd and RB were at, is there any hope of gaining any list of names of others that were there at the time? i think it would be interesting to talk to others that were in the home back then but im certain that the records are confidential. unless they want to be found some how. does anyone know if we are out of luck in that area or not?

sorry yall if i dont make much sense, im still coming off the sedation.