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    Judge dismisses lawsuit by student punished for story


    ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- A federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit of a high school student who was suspended for writing about a dream in which a student shoots a math teacher.

    In his Tuesday order, U.S. District Senior Judge Marvin Shoob said the writings were "sufficiently disturbing" to support the school system's disciplinary action against Rachel Boim, who claimed her right to expression had been violated. He also dismissed a companion lawsuit in which Boim's parents sought to recoup legal fees.

    In Boim's story, a student dreams of shooting her sixth-period math teacher. Like the student in the story, Shoob noted, Boim's sixth-period class was math.

    An attorney representing Boim and her family said he was "deeply disappointed" and planned to appeal.

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    What is going on with teachers these days? I wonder if the ones who have gone haywire are all close to the same age or something? We have teachers having sex with students left and right and now they are writing stories about a student shooting his/her 6th period math teacher. Thank God the judge wasn't once of those bench huggers or one that would rather sit behind his area and pump his pee pee

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    Huh, am I missing something Bobbisangel? Maybe I need another java...
    I agree with the school by suspending the student...
    The statement didn't say anthing againsted the teacher...

    My opinion, it's what's wrong with the students these past years....
    I believe it's the student that wanted attention for writing that unusual, wied

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    I'm with ya Pharlap - I agree with her suspension. Frankly, Columbine was a rude awakening and the numerous almost-Columbine stories I hear means that these types of things NEED to be taken seriously.

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