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    UK - Bertram, 41, & Toni-Ann Byfield, 7, shot to death, London, 13 Sept 2003

    He was caught after boasting to fellow criminals that he had committed the "perfect murder", saying: "I blasted a dad and his daughter, a little kid."
    Time to throw away the key yet again!

    A drug dealer who murdered seven-year-old Toni-Ann Byfield and her 'father' has been jailed for at least 40 years.
    Self-confessed gunman Joel Smith, 33, was found guilty*of shooting the girl and Bertram Byfield at a north-west London bedsit.
    Mr Justice Gross, at the Old Bailey, recommended he serve a minimum of 40 years for killing Toni-Ann and 33 years for Mr Byfield's murder.

    The judge said: "However grimly accustomed one becomes to violent crime, there is a particular horror in the shooting in the back at close range of a seven-year-old girl - that is the hallmark of this case."



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    Poor little girl trying to run out the door and got shot in the back. What I want to know is what kind of worthless azzhole would take his daughter with him to do some kind of drug deal! Just goes to show what a low life her dad was.

    Social Services, etc, were reprimanded for allowing little Toni to stay with her dad's girlfriend while the foster parents were away
    That is all they got for a decision that cost a little girl her life. They knew that her dad was a drug dealer. What kind of a girlfriend did they think he would have...the leader of the church choir

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