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Demand Change From the Chinese Government!

In a hideously cruel response to an outbreak of rabies in late July, authorities in Mouding County in Southwest China ordered the killing of more than 50,000 dogs, including 4,000 who were immunized against the disease. Officials clubbed many animals to death in the street right before their guardians’ eyes. Animals who were not beaten mercilessly died equally violent, gruesome deaths by poisoning or electrocution. Last week, the Chinese government issued orders to kill an additional 500,000 dogs. None of these beloved companions will have the benefit of a humane death, because there isn’t a single law in China that prevents cruelty to animals.

China has a long history of cruelty and violence toward animals. In live-animal markets, animals—including dogs and cats—are skinned alive for their fur; merchants hack flesh from animals, piece by piece, until they finally bleed to death; and animals routinely suffer from broken limbs because they are thrown from the tops of transport trucks onto concrete floors.

Please demand that the Chinese government halt the planned slaughter of dogs and enact strict anti-cruelty laws immediately. PETA will collect these letters, and our president will personally present them to the Chinese government. Also, be sure to forward this alert to your friends and family members and ask them to speak up today.