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    Memories of mauling and a boy’s struggle to survive haunt a quiet community.

    Memories of mauling and a boy’s struggle to survive haunt a quiet community.

    Open wounds: The tattered lives of a pit bull rampage
    'It's OK. I know these dogs.'

    By Carolyn Starks and John Keilman
    Tribune staff reporters
    Published August 13, 2006

    Brooks Foley heard a soft whimper and stopped still in the hallway. The sound was barely audible at first over the hiss of a shower, but it grew louder and louder until it was a heartbreaking sob.

    His 10-year-old son was falling apart.

    Four months had passed since the rain-soaked November afternoon outside of Cary when a neighbor's three pit bulls attacked Nick Foley. The dogs tore pounds of flesh from his arms and legs. They broke bones, slashed nerves, spilled half of his blood onto the wet grass.

    This is multi-part story being told over several days this week. I have already ready the 1st two segments and all I can say is what an amazing boy!!

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    Go glade he's doing better.
    They didn't say anything about the 5 others that helped and were hurt.
    Probably nothing like the son....

    Again I'll say, Cook county pitbulls are banned.

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    Not all pit bulls are vicious - its all about the breeding and the people who own them. I am 100% in favor of holding owners responsible for injuries. Dogs like these will show violence LONG before an attack occurs. According to the article, the neighbors said they were "uncontrollable" and roamed the streets. I feel bad that the owner was injured, BUT he should've put the dogs down a LONG time before this attack occured. Any idea what happened to him?

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