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    Arrested in case he harmed a child?

    I just read a report which claims that the poice are saying karr wasn't arrested for the JonBenet murder, but "in case he harmed a child in Thailand".


    Are we to believe that the police chased him half way round the world because he skipped bail on a charge of possessing child pornography just in case he harmed a child???????

    Look at all the convicted sex offenders who are on the missing register - many of them were charged with actual rape and grievous bodily harm - yet no-one seems to be making such an effort to rope them in in case they harm ANOTHER child.

    IMO, this is a very lame excuse which is being offered as a backside covering exercise in case the Ramsey investigators have gotten it wrong.
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    There has been mention of a connection with Karr to another case.Maybe the other case links to the murder of JBR .Could his DNA be an issue in the other case? Maybe the two cases have a lot in common.Could the other case supply evidence? i think I am going crazy! I know what I mean but It is bedtime hear and my mind is swirling.Sorry for being confusing. I think he was arrested because they were worried he would take 'flight' to a country with out an extradition treaty. Unless they know more about his 'escapades' in Thailand than has come out yet.ERRR!

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    (Jayelles, I posted this on another thread, but it seems more relevant here.)

    They could not get Karr arrested on those "unrelated sex charges". They were misdemenors not qualifying for international action...not even felonies. Despite the fact most are calling him a deranged pervert, his sex charges were child porn "actions" consisting of looking at a reported 5 dirty pictures on his computer...no actions whatever involving trafficing or making porn, no nothing involving actions against persons. It's already cost him his jobs, wife, family, and country, and if I had to guess, I would say his confession in this case is a type of submission, a giving up, a sort of suicide-by-proxy, even if he isn't completely delusional.

    Mary Lacy (please change your name back to Keenan!) bought into this ambitious crime-solver wannabee Michael Tracey's cultivating of a mentally askew guy to take responsibility for the JonBenet killing. Tracey has a history of seeing innocent parents in the killing of children and backed Marybeth Davis here in WV (well known Munchausen's-by-proxy case) when she killed her two children. Lacy's claim she had to protect children and have Karr arrested without bothering to find out if he was any closer than 1500 miles to the death scene or even knew of JonBenet is pathetic and unsupportable. Apparently dizzied from the prospect of solving the case, she erupted with intoxicated glee to get it on. She will likely pay the price.

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    As I was going to bed last night I was flipping back and forth between CNN coverage and Dan Abrams on MSNBC. I found it interesting that both reporters and talking heads on both of the stations seemed to be analysing yesterdays news conference with the Denver DA in the same manner. Saying that it appears that her use of not giving any information and stating over and over again that Karr is presumed innocent at this time, covers her in the event that he is indeed not the guy responsible for the murder. And the dragging him back to the United States in this manner protects them from anyone saying that they did not follow all of the leads in the case.

    I am wondering if they just did not feel that when Michael Tracey brought this guy to their attention, they indeed had to take a very close look at him. (See excerpt from my local paper this morning below) All of this hoopla to get him back here to the states is the process of taking that closer look. It is also interesting that after the media plays his confession that is so questionable, the Denver DA then gives a press conference that basically gives no information and through out the press conference she looks as if she is almost embarrassed to be giving it. I do not think the DAs office expected Karr to make the kind of statement that he made yesterday.



    "I don't know that he's guilty," said Michael Tracey, who teaches journalism at the University of Colorado. "Obviously, I went to the district attorney for a reason, but let him have his day in court and let JonBenet have her day in court and let's see how it plays out."
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    in case he harmed a child

    grasping at straws in thailand.

    the judge signed the arrest warrant because karr started his new teaching job with second graders.

    karr is a pawn in tracy's self serving game.
    i wonder how marketable tracy's book is today?

    i think they knew he wouldn't pan out but you can't erase history and this is the 1st time in 10 years people have experienced sympathy for the rams including myself when i heard the news. actually itwas a pretty ingenious move.

    lurker coming out.

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    Welcome tri, possibly Paula Woodward would buy a book, maybe Alex Hunter, but I donut know if Mary Lacy reads.

    For what its worth, IF Karr sent letters to Tracey and PR before her death two months ago, IF HE licked the envelope to mail his letters, DNA coulda been checked a LONG time ago.

    I do think Mary Lacy has stepped out on a shaky limb, UNLESS the DNA matches.

    I will just sit here breathing until her info/case comes unglued.

    Opinions expressed by me, are mine, based on life experience, and known facts of any given case.

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