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    NY - Marion, 'Baby Wayne' WhtMale Newborn 746UMNY, in adult brown sweater, Feb'82

    The story of a newborn child left to die alone in the cold, discovered February 27, 1987 in Marion, Wayne County, New York. Please, any information regarding this case would be very helpful. Your thoughts are also welcome.

    As written by Amy Scutt
    Published in the Sun and Record, Williamson, NY February 25, 2006

    Happy Birthday Baby Wayne

    It’s been 19 years since a truck driver discovered a “bundle” on the side of the road abandoned on Marion-Walworth Road in Marion. A newborn baby boy, 1-2 days old that spent the night alone in the cold probably crying for his Mommy. A helpless, vulnerable child that wasn’t discovered until it was too late-changing his fate forever.

    February 27, 1987 is a date that many, many people in this area will never forget. Adopted by the county he’s named after, Baby Wayne remains in our hearts and so do all of the questions surrounding his death. The number one question we all ask is “why”?

    The facts of this case, as they have been presented before, might leave most people thinking that this baby’s mother was a cold-hearted murderer. When you really look at the details, it may not be what she was at all. Many of you ask, “How could she?” or offer, “I could never!” Well, maybe she “couldn’t” and maybe she “could never”. But she did. And in the spur of the moment, in the flash of a bad decision, or during a pressured suggestion, we are all capable of doing something that we never thought we could possibly be capable of. Self control isn’t inherited, it’s learned and practiced. Maybe this Mother never even had the chance to experience, or the time to learn self-control. Maybe she was a child. Maybe she wasn’t. Never the less, the circumstances surrounding the whole tragic drama are something that we can only guess at. So, who are we to judge her?

    Can we forgive her? Instead of “how could you”, “why did you”, and “whatever possessed you”, let’s ask her the questions that really matter.

    A letter to his mother

    Dear Mom,

    What was his real name? It’s the second gift you gave to him. The first was life. A life that only lasted two days. Half of his life was spent alone. The first half was spent with the only other person on earth who shares his soul, you, his Mommy. What happened in your only 24 hours together?

    Did you hold him close to your chest so that he could hear that familiar, comforting rhythm of your heart beating? Did you rock him in your arms to soothe him with that swaying motion that he felt for the 270 days he was growing inside you? Did you squeeze him tight and snuggle him close to help him learn the safety in your arms? Did you slide your finger into his grip and feel those itty-bitty fingers squeeze you back? Did you put him to your breast to feed him and feel that melting feeling of love so deep that it took your breath away?

    I bet you never imagined how his skin would feel, so soft that you could barely feel him under your fingertips. The emotions that overcome you when you look into their eyes are incredible, aren’t they? Their life becomes yours. Every breath they take becomes your own and your hearts become one.

    So, how do you breath now? I imagine the pain in your heart is so heavy and unbearable. The reminders must be constant. Every time someone simply says the word “baby” you must think of him. Every time you see a child, you are reminded of his face. Every time you hear a baby cry it must tear at your soul. There must not be anyone to talk to, no release to set you free.

    What made you leave your baby at the roadside that day? Was it fear? Was it your own grueling pain? Did someone help you, force you or coerce you to do it? Didn’t you have anyone to talk to? Were you afraid to ask for help?

    Since your sweet little boy was found in such an open, well-traveled area, I think you wanted him to be found. He was placed against the guardrail where you may have hoped that someone would notice him. Just the other side of that rail is a 15-foot drop, had you set him over the edge, he may have never been discovered. He wasn’t wrapped in a garbage bag or thrown away like every day trash. You swaddled him in a sweater so that he would stay warm until someone found him. You wanted someone to rescue him, didn’t you? Someone who could give him the love and warmth and security that he deserved but you could not provide.

    Who were you then? Were you a young girl afraid to tell your parents about your pregnancy? Was your child a product of a circumstance that you thought would bring you shame or harm? Maybe you had a difficult upbringing. Parents who you couldn’t communicate with or friends who you were afraid to ask for help.

    Who are you now? Did you find your way beyond those years of insecurity and fear? Did you grow into a lovely woman, and loving wife and a doting mother? What was it like when you held your second baby in your arms? The one you got to keep and share with the world? After you tuck your other babies in at night, do you say a prayer for your little angel?

    I cannot fathom what it must have been like for you all of these years since that awful day. Nineteen years of suffering your broken heart alone. We all have problems, and have all made mistakes. The difference is most of us have someone to talk to. Talking through things seems to relieve and lessen the pain, but you have no one to share your secret with. The guilt must consume you.

    If you think about him every day, you are not alone. There are many people in this county that think of him also because when you left him we made him our baby too. We made him our son, our grandson or our baby brother too. Many people still visit his grave and bring him flowers, stuffed animals and toys. Others sit and visit just to spend time and talk to him. Do you visit him and talk to him? We all love him and we all want answers for him. But you are the only one who can give any truth to his life. You are the only one who can offer any kind of explanation.

    There’s nothing in the world that sets you free like the truth. It’s the only way to release the years of pent up pain in your heart. Please tell us why you let him go. Every mother knows that the loss of a child means the loss of your heart. Since the bond between a Mother and her child is unbreakable, we understand that you are the victim too. I am sure you seek forgiveness, but the real truth is, it’s about forgiving yourself. In order to do that you must come forward at some point in your life. If you are not ready yet, could you at least tell me what happened that day and let me portray back to the people who love your baby that you are not a heartless person, but a real person that was struggling through life just like the rest of us.


    Amy L. Scutt

    Sun and Record Publications

    Baby Wayne would be 19 years old today. He would probably be a typical American boy, tall and handsome, with brown hair and eyes. Sporting Levis jeans and an Abercrombie T-shirt. Taking part in his favorite pastimes and pursuing his dreams. Maybe starting his second semester in college and dating the girl next-door.

    Instead, he spends every day alone in a cold, dark place with an image engraved on his head stone of a sleeping baby. No real name. No real birthday. No loving message. Nothing personal. But until his mother comes forward he will be, as we know him, “Baby Wayne”. And all the unanswered questions will remain in our hearts.

    On February 27, 1987 at 9:30 am, a newborn baby boy was discovered, deceased, partially wrapped in an adult's brown colored sweater. He was found on the south side of the Walworth-Marion Road, Marion, Wayne County, New York, by the guide rail.

    Brown Hair
    Brown Eyes
    1-2 Days old
    19 1/2 inches
    6.5 lbs.

    If you have any information, please contact The New York State Police, Troop E, Major Crimes Unit at 585-398-4100 or e-mail nysvicap@troopers.state.ny.us To view the sweater that the baby was wrapped in, please follow this link
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    A new article published today, which is the 25th anniversary of this little boy's discovery...


    Investigators looking for new leads in 'Baby Wayne' case
    1:46 PM, Feb. 27, 2012 |

    Written by
    Staff writer

    State police investigators and prosecutors are hoping the 25th anniversary of the discovery of a 2-day-old infant left alone on the side of a Wayne County road will generate new leads in the case.

    Law enforcement officials today are holding a news conference to discuss the case of the child dubbed “Baby Wayne” when it was found along Walworth-Marion Road on Feb. 27, 1987.


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    It's possible that the baby was left there by someone other than his mother. I could even see a situation where one of his mother's parents told the mother he would be adopted, and then the baby was left by the roadway. The mother may even be checking adoption Web sites looking for him.

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