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    Karr Will Arrive on US Soil Sunday


    Karr Will Arrive on US Soil Sunday
    Jason McIntyre
    Saturday, August 19, 2006

    The man who has confessed to being with JonBenet Ramsay the night she died will be in the United States before the weekend is through.

    John Karr, the 41-year-old former schoolteacher, was detained in Bangkok, Thailand, after admitting that he was alongside the six-year-old beauty queen December 26th, 1996, but that Ramsay's death was accidental.

    Karr is wanted in Boulder, Colorado, on several warrants, which may produce charges such as sexual assault of a minor and first-degree murder.

    There has been rampant speculation about the confession and the proposed timeline of the events leading up to JonBenet's murder. Authorities in both Thailand and the US have not provided much detail about attempts to match physical evidence at the crime scene with Karr.
    dragonfly >!<

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    I hope they get him here in one piece and keep him healthy and alive for a while. Why do I feel doubtful about that?

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