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    "I survived Bill Bradford," says ex-wife


    Cindy Sue Horton, the former wife of Bill Bradford, spoke one-on-one with 24 Hour News 8 about her life of 'hell' with the death row murderer whose 'poster' is now making national headlines.
    Bill Bradford, now on death row for killing two aspiring models in the 1980's, is at the center of a swarm of publicity after police released a poster with the pictures of 50 unidentified women. They were pictures taken by Bradford before he was sent to death row. Police wanted to know if any of the women pictured were victims.

    Investigators in California have now identified a couple dozen of the women. Four have been identified as possible murder victims.

    Horton was married to Bradford in the late seventies. The couple had a child and lived in Allegan County.

    "I have a special habit of trying to make the bad in my life go away, and this bad just isn't something that will go away," said Cindy Sue.

    Cindy Sue is in town visiting her mother in Dorr. She currently lives in a location we won't disclose at her request.

    "I live everyday remembering the words 'I'm gonna kill your children and make you watch'," Cindy Sue said. "I have nightmares of Bill eating my daughter, eating my granddaughter, eating my dog. I believe he's worse than Lucifer himself."

    People Magazine recently ran a story on the Bradford case entitled 'The Killer and The Camera'. And Cindy Sue was featured on Friday in the news magazine 20/20.

    "He'd put clothes pins all over you, tie you up, chain you up, and beat you," she says of Bradford.

    more at link

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    The article doesn't say but did she escape with her daughter, grandchild and dog okay?
    So sad to look at all of those pics, reading all different emotions into their faces, wondering why they would have to resort to this in their lives. This monster does not deserve a trial. So sad....

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    This case was just featured on an episode of the show The Investigators titled Deadly Exposure. After watching it, I have the creeps! I'm pretty sure this was the guy that approached me walking home alone from high school and asked me to model for him!!!
    This is the year to locate Mark Dribin https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...ht=Mark+Dribin NamUs MP#876 and Ilene Misheloff https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...lene+Misheloff NamUs MP#6410 and bring them home to their families!

    Parents watch your children. Free-range parenting leads to more child victims.

    Cruelty to humans begins with cruelty to animals.

    I believe in closure, not forgiveness. I'm also unapologetically judgemental.


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