I thought this topic deserved a thread of its own. It came up on Nancy Grace program of Thurs Aug 24.

--->>>I heard Nancy Grace say that there is no national DNA data base.

This sent me digging. This is what I found.

Seems that ONLY 40 of our American States have law in place to enable them to GET and RECORD DNA samples from convicted sexual perps.

READ ON for my digging efforts:


Each state participating in the CODIS program has a single State DNA Index System (SDIS). The SDIS is typically operated by the agency responsible for implementing the state's convicted offender statute. At the state level,
inter-laboratory searching occurs.*


Today, forty states have passed legislation requiring convicted offenders to provide biological samples for DNA databasing (fig. 2). These statutes cover over 90% of the U.S. population. There are differences among state laws, but all cover felony sex offenses. Eight states have passed legislation this year, and three states have pending legislation. In addition, the FBI is in the process of drafting a federal DNA database law, covering federal and military courts and the District of Columbia.*

Snippets from the links above, take it upon yourselves to get smart about CODIS.

As I understand it, correct me if I err, but as I understand it each states forensic lab folks have an option of whether to enter their DNA into the national data base.

I think we have some significant gaps in locating the 'very mobile' sexual perps amongst us.