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    Theory on the Connection between the Ramseys and Karr

    It has been stated through news reports online, etc. that the Ramseys were aware before Patsy's death that the BPD was looking into the arrest of Karr in relation to their daughter's death. Perhaps JR pointed them in Karr's direction...

    I wonder if JR, in contemplating the impending death of Patsy and wanting her to find peace in knowing (albeit false) justice had been found for JonBenet before she (Patsy) died, sought out Karr (through his email correspondence and apparent obsession with the case) and asked him to admit to being the murderer in exchange for publicity, money, etc.

    JR would have very likely been privy to police information about the case (or had enough resources to gain access to leaks of information/evidence) that we, the general public, were not made aware. For example, it has been suggested through another thread on this site that the police asked Patsy had she ever taken "cutesy photos of JonBenet in the basement" because perhaps they had found one such photo on the night of JonBenet's murder. Perhaps the police suspected that the killer had taken these Polaroid shots and dropped some of them on his/her way out. If JR knew about this detail or if he had such a photo in his possession, he could have provided it to Karr as fuel for his confession.

    When asked by the media if he was involved in JonBenet's death, Karr has on more than one occassion made clear that her death was an accident and thus any murder charges would be second degree. Perhaps Karr is willing to go the distance and pay the price of a confession so long as people see JonBenet's death as accidental and he did not receive the death penalty. Most interesting in relation to my theory is a quote supposively by Karr (Source: Wendy Hutchens audiotapes), "Maybe that person who did that … thinks it's important that someone confesses. … And he's chosen that other person to do that in his place. …" Why would Karr say something like this?

    Whether or not JR was involved in JonBenet's death, can you imagine the pain and suffering he was going through at the impending loss of his spouse and his wanting to fulfill his wife's last wish to find justice for JonBenet? I think he would have done anything to help Patsy find closure at the end of her life. Even if Patsy/JR/Burke together or separately were involved in the murder and/or murder coverup of JonBenet, I think that by this time they would have fooled themselves into thinking otherwise and, presuming Patsy did know the truth, any confession (even a false one) would have provided comfort: Scenario 1 - If Patsy and/or her family were not involved, justice would finally be served. Scenario 2 - If Patsy and/or her family were involved, at least now their public image would be saved. Perhaps killing JonBenet was a fantasy of Karr, rather than an actuality, and he was delighted to have been chosen to confess.

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    Or his brother who is said to be working with computers could have worked for JR around that time. Or the other brother could have worked in the house in Atlanta. Or he could have been doing nanny/tutor work for a friend's child and came across JBR that way. Or he could have tutored Burke at some time in the past. Or it could have been through the pagents.
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