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    W.Va. ATV-related deaths climb to 45

    A Wyoming County man was killed in a Saturday afternoon ATV accident, police said.


    It was the 45th ATV-related fatality in West Virginia this year

    more at the link http://www.register-herald.com/local...238232026.html
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    I'm so glad none of my sons have ever been into ATV's. My neice's husband of just a few months was killed in an ATV accident just a week before Christmas last year. So sad.

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    Hubby & I are both avid ATV'ers. We go every weekend all summer long, we stay on the ATV trails & have never seen any crashes in the 10 yrs we've been riding. We ride 60 to 80 miles every Sat. We take our Grandkids with us, our kids also have ATV's. Honestly I don't see any dangers with them.

    In Wis kids need to take a safety course to drive them. Like any motorized thing a person needs to use common sense when using them. We also have the DNR ( dept of natural resources) out watching people & will ticket them the same as people speeding.

    I am wondering if Virginia has ATV trails? Are they kept up to standards? I live in Wi & we belong to an ATV club. Yesterday where we stop to eat lunch I counted 60 ATV's in the parking lot.

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    I live in WV and grew up riding the now-banned 3-wheelers. Of course we had some minor accidents, but we had COMMON SENSE - a life-saving factor that is missing in many members of our human population today.

    First, you don't put a teen-age kid on a 4-wheeler and tell 'em to go have fun if they don't have experience. I don't know the number of times I've seen that very thing happen in gatherings.

    Second, many of these accidents and deaths are a result of mixing 4-wheeling and alcohol. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!

    I know plenty of people that go out ATV'ing on a regular basis and they are really worried about what kinda legislation is going to come from all the dumb ones killing themselves on these things.

    PS, cheko1, WEST Virginia is a state - it's very own state and has been for some time!!

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