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    PA - Shamari Taylor, 26, Philadelphia, 26 Aug 2006

    news link

    PHILADELPHIA — The adult son of a Pennsylvania lawmaker was missing Tuesday after reportedly being abducted on a street at gunpoint in the hours before his mother and sister were shot and wounded in their home.
    State Rep. John Myers, a Philadelphia Democrat who has advocated gun control, issued a statement asking the public's help in locating his 26-year-old son, Shamari Taylor.

    A female companion of Taylor's told police she and Taylor were abducted as they were out walking late Saturday. She said she was later released, according to police.

    Myers spent a long night waiting for information from police, his spokeswoman, Thera Martin, said Tuesday.

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    Link to article in our local paper with PICTURE.

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    I wonder why the girlfriend waited 12 hours before contacting LE?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow205
    I wonder why the girlfriend waited 12 hours before contacting LE?
    My hinkey meter is going off. I have a feeling Shamari is involved in his own kidnapping, but I hope I am wrong.

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    I wonder how the girlfriend explained the 12 hour delay in reporting?

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    Family Appeals for Son's Safe Return

    Philadelphia police have also named a suspect

    By Vernon Odom

    PHILADELPHIA - September 6, 2006 - The family of kidnapping victim Shamari Taylor, the son of a Pennsylvania state lawmaker, made an emotional appeal for his return on Wednesday.

    The appeal came as investigators said they know the identity of at least one of the alleged abductors.

    Investigators are looking for 34-year-old Kenneth Tuck of the 6200 block of Jefferson Street in West Philadelphia. Police have a warrant for his arrest on charges of kidnapping, robbery and conspiracy in connection with Shamari Taylor's abduction.

    More at link: http://tinyurl.com/kgejm

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    Shamari Taylor's girlfriend last heard him screaming and begging for his life when she was released.

    The next day, two African-american men broke into the home of Shamari's family. They demanded money and drugs from his mother and sister, then shot them both in the head. Both survived.

    A few days later, two men broke into Taylor's cousin's house and raped and robbed her. They were believed to have been two of the men that abducted Taylor and his girlfriend.

    Taylor was due to meet a man to buy $40,000 worth of cocaine on the night he was abducted.

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    Taylor, the son of House Democrat John Myers of Philadelphia, has never been found and is presumed dead.

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    Shamari Taylor disappeared after armed men grabbed him and his girlfriend off a West Philadelphia street.

    They were blindfolded and taken to a building where the woman could hear Taylor being tortured. She was released the next morning, but the crime didn't end there.

    Two men broke into Taylor's home later that day and shot his mother and sister before grabbing $5,000 to $10,000 in cash from his bedroom.

    Taylor, 26, has never been found.

    Police suspect Taylor was kidnapped as he made a drug delivery, or because of the cash thought to be at his house. His father, a state lawmaker, still wrestles with the drug theory, even as he accepts that children can go astray.

    State Rep. John Myers wants the chance to at least bury his son if he is dead. "They can just leave a note on my doorstep, saying this is where your son's at, so I can go get him."

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