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    Dec 2003

    Oh - I don't know..... whatevever!

    May I ask - why did you think I was "missing"? Please let me reassure you that I'm not. I'm just a little 'lost' within my own soul, and I'm not sure anyone can help with that.... I'm VERY grateful to you, BTW.... and I'll try to make it work on my own terms, as soon as I can.

    Thanks for caring!

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    Dec 2003
    Native Texan, In Germany
    ladyhawke, I thought about PM'ing you, but decided against it. If something is wrong, and you wish to speak with someone (it does not have to be me), please e-mail me, and I will put you in touch with someone immediately for private prayer. Even if all you need is a shoulder, now is the time to reach out. I have no idea what your message means, but I know it means something important to you, and therefore it is important to me. Don't give up, no matter what is coming at you, please. Whatever is hurting now is temporary, and some options are permanent.

    I am a survivor of a violent crime, and a survivor of suicide in my own family, and I have great empathy for you, no matter what is wrong.

    You made the first step. I have made the second. It's your call, ladyhawke.

    Hugs from a silly Texas cowgirl, Lanie