I've been lurking for quite a while and have posted a few times, but this is my first thread. The knowledge base on this forum is staggering---maybe some of you should apply for the Boulder DA position

Anyway, I've been wondering about looking at this whole thing from the angle of Patsy tyring to leave clues that pointed at John. I'm not saying Patsy was completely innocent, heck I'm still somewhat of a fence sitter, but it seems to me that there could be an angle here that deserves some exploration. If she was afraid of John, and obviously he is a powerful man, then maybe she tried to leave clues. Here are three possible clues and I hope you will add more if you can think of any:

1) SBTC ---Saved By THe Cross or Subic Bay Training Center?? Supposedly there was a poster in John's office with Subic Bay Training Center written on it??


"10 A. A couple months. I don't remember the duration,

11 but it was 10 weeks maybe.

12 Q. What was your next stop in the Navy?

13 A. Then I was assigned to the Philippines, Subic

14 Bay.

15 Q. What unit were you in?"

Later John says

"2 A. We visited Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand.

3 I think that was it.

4 Q. Were you required to maintain a security

5 clearance?

6 A. Yes.

7 Q. What level of security clearance did you have?

8 A. Top secret."

2) The red heart in JBR's hand. Super Dave shared this part of a transcript

"Michelle, the heart came up in several interviews.

On the first day, here's what Patsy said:

DEMUTH: How do you know it was a heart on her hand?

PATSY: Because it was on there in the morning, that's why.

DEMUTH: What was your reaction?

PATSY: It was a pretty good little heart...pretty well drawn.


PATSY: I'm having trouble distinguishing whether I actually saw it or not.


Now Patsy's words strike me as very odd, "It was a pretty good little heart"???? Was she suggesting that it wasn't drawn by a child but definitely by an adult, was she suggesting that JBR had not drawn this on herself earlier in the evening?? Hearts are hard to get equal when drawn freehand, especially when you are a kid.

3) "John would know...." Over and over in the transcipts with LE, whenever Patsy is asked questions she claims to not remember or know the answers and usually says, "but John would know..." I mean this woman feigns ignorance on the most basic of questions, I'm surprised she even "knew" her own name.

I've read, but can't verify, that John was actually in Intelligence, does anyone have concrete information on that??