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    Inside a Bolivian jail

    I found this fascinating. leaving the inmates to take care - or not - of themselves. could it work elsewhere?

    Inside the Bolivian jail that looks more like a city than a prison.


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    good grief, if i read it right, this isn't a prison!!!!...they can drink alcohol, get cocaine, & the children live there WITH the fathers, fearing violence & abuse???...wtf???

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    Violence in San Pedro is relatively contained during the day, but things can get bad at night, when inmates steal from each other and fight with knives. The police do not go inside or interfere in any way.

    According to prison figures, there are about four deaths a month from both natural causes and "accidents". Prisoners are expected to resolve their own problems through section representatives elected democratically.


    That's it!! Let them take care of their own problems. I wonder how they feel about child molesters in there??? Can we send them ours

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