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    TX - Amber's Story


    checkMovie('date');September 4 at 9 pm et/pt on Lifetime

    The second a child is reported abducted, an alert is sent. A description of the youngster and the kidnapper goes out to the public on TVs, phones, electronic signs and other places. It's one of the best ways to help kids who have been taken and are in danger. But once upon time, there was no system in place. If a little girl or boy was snatched, almost no one knew about it except the panicked parents. But the kidnapping of Amber Hagerman changed all of that. This is the true story of what happened to this sweet nine-year-old from Texas and how her family came together to help others as a result. It's a movie that kids, teens and parents should see!

    I hope that it is OK that I posted this in this thread. I thought that all of the members who devote so much time to the missing might want to see this movie.
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    Thanks Shadow.
    I wouldn't of known about it if you didn't post. I'll be sure to watch!
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    Thanks for the reminder. I saw that advertised but had forgotten about it. Now I'll make it one my calander and hopfully remember to look at the calander!

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    Thanks Shadow, for the info. Amber's body was found less than a mile from the neighborhood where I grew up, so her case hit me pretty hard. I still cannot believe that her killer has not been found.

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    Who was the other little girl in the movie? Nicole something. Was that part a true story?

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    It was true because they stated at the end that the guy Glen was in prison. I watched this and cried and cried! Not sure how accurate the abduction scene was but Amber screamed and screamed for her mom! Heart breaking!!

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