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    Katie Couric's photos of Suri on CBS News

    Just saw this on the news tonight. Has anyone else seen it ? What are your thoughts ? Little Suri is a cute baby, but I still don't buy that she is Tiny Tom's biological daughter. And what a world of difference airbrushing makes to a photo, if you compare how Katie looks in these photos to how she looked in the one that the papparazzi took of her in her limo. WOW. I feel sorry for her and for that baby, having to live with that control freak.

    Suri Debuts with Katie Couric
    TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 05, 2006 07:10PM EST

    By Stephen M. Silverman

    The first woman to fly solo as anchor of a network evening news program delivered her premiere show on Tuesday and with her for the ride was Suri Cruise.

    Katie Couric, the new star of the CBS Evening News, unveiled not only the new face of the network's newscast her own but the public's very first look at the nearly 5-month-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who bears a strong resemblance to her mom.

    Previewing the cover shot of the new Vanity Fair magazine, Couric said: "After much speculation as to why she's been undercover for so long, this is proof positive that, yesiree, she does exist." No further details about the baby were given, beyond the fact that Annie Liebovitz shot the photos of her.

    Suri surfaced 20 minutes into the program, which led with an exclusive report from Afghanistan on the resurgence of the Taliban that continued with an analysis of the situation with New York Times columnist Thomas Freidman (who had been a frequent guest on the Today show, where he was also often interviewed by Couric).

    Concurrent with Couric's debut, CBS became the first network evening newscast to be simulcast live on the Internet. Viewers are now able to watch the Evening News on their computers at the same time or after their local stations air it.


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    I just posted a link to the pictures of Suri on the Tom Cruise thread. IMO, she is a beautiful baby and I can see a resemblance to her parents. She has a head full of hair.

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