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    Neighbor heard scream in the middle of the night

    It amazes me that a neighbor reported hearing a child's scream coming from the Ramsey home in the middle of the night, but JBR's mother, father and brother slept through it. Did the neighbor call the police that night and was a patrol car sent out to investigate?

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    Police were not called.

    The source really can not be considered credible because she later recanted and said it may not have been an actual scream, rather that she heard and felt Jonbenet's "energy". Take it for what it is worth.

    Lou Smit, Ramsey's investigator, also claims that due to the layout of the home a scream from the basement could have been heard by the neighbor (whose window was open) but not from the third floor master suite. He conducted an experiment which supposedly proved this.

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    I remember reading that investigators conducted listened to screams, grating sound, etc. from different places in the house and they found that noises could be heard better from the outside (even as far as across the street) compared to J&P's 3rd floor bedroom.

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